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Women in Technology and Science (WITS)

Women in Technology and Science (WITS) is an exciting new initiative at UO to increase the representation and success of women in science, math, and computer science through creative programs that enable women to thrive at ever stage of their education and careers.

WITS is committed to developing fresh approaches to policies that build a supportive environment for both women and men in science and technical fields.

WITS currently has several programs that provide seed funding for student scholarships and travel grants for women graduate students to present their work at conferences. It is also involved in outreach programs targeted at assisting in the recruitment and retention of girls in science, particularly in the physical sciences where women are underrepresented.

WITS has the long-term goal of expanding its programs to assist women at all levels— undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral associates and faculty—in the pursuit of their career goals. WITS has a slate of programs it intends to launch and is seeking both public and private funds to be able to offer the full portfolio in the near future. Learn more.

For more information about WITS, email