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Equity in Tenure and Promotion Abstracts

L. Blum, Breaking the Silence [An unpublished manuscript on the Jenny Harrison Berkeley Tenure Case] L. Blum and L. Goldber, Fighting for Tenure: Another View A. Bunce, Educators urge parents to bolster girls’ interest in math and science A. Jackson, Fighting for Tenure: The Jenny Harrison Case Opens Pandora’s Box of Issues about Tenure, Discrimination, and the Law A. Kolodny, Why feminists need tenure S. Landau, What Happens to the Women D. K. Magner, Debate over woman’s tenure continues at Berkeley D. K. Magner, A 3-year struggle against sex bias at U. of Wisconsin M. Rochlin, Mathematics of Discrimination M. B. Ruskai, Time for Advancement E. Seymour, The loss of women from science, mathematics and engineering undergraduate majors: an explanatory account J. Travis, Making room for women in the culture of science L. Washburn-Moses, We make tenure decisions unfairly. Here’s a better way.