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Enhancing Citizen Participation With Mobile GIS Technology

A Collaborative Project Between The West University Neighbors and The University of Oregon

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Interactive Community Map

Don't want just simple static maps?  From this page, you can download a special map viewer so that you can turn on and off map layers as you desire, query individual shapes for their underlying data, and print the resulting maps.  To do this, you must install a small program called ArcReader on your computer - this is a document viewer much like Adobe Acrobat, but works with special map files.

If you already have ArcReader

Click the following button for the data:


If you DO NOT have ArcReader.

Follow these steps to install ArReader:.

  1. Right click on: ArcReader, and select "Save as...", then save the file to your computer  (Alternatively, you can download the file direct from its source: click here.)

  2. Follow the instructions from the installation program (the whole process takes 10 minutes or so and may appear to be stalled or not working, but hang in there.)

  3. Once installed, return to this page and click on the button above.

Downloading and Viewing the Data

  1. Download the data by clicking on the button above - this will download a zipped file called "".  The file is about 844KB, which should download in 4 minutes on a 56k modem.  Unzipped, the files are about 2MB.

  2. Unzip the file on your computer to whatever location you desire.  (As a suggestion, make a folder named "WUNMAP" on your C: drive and unzip the file there.)

  3. Navigate to this location and you will see 2 main things:  1) a file called "WUNMAP.pmf" and 2) a folder called "gis_files"

  4. Double click on the WUNMAP.pmf file to start ArcReader with the WUN data loaded.

  5. For help in navigating and using the ArcReader tools, you can visit a nice ArcReader help page organized by the Middlesex County Extension Center.

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   For more information:
   Marc Schlossberg


Last edited on: December 07, 2004