The WUN MAP Project
Enhancing Citizen Participation With Mobile GIS Technology

A Collaborative Project Between The West University Neighbors and The University of Oregon

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Below are some articles that are related to the West University Neighborhood and the mapping project, although some a bit indirectly.
West University Neighbors tackle tree removal debate
-Oregon Daily Emerald - February 4, 2005
University Students Claim Seats at Meeting
-Oregon Daily Emerald - December 3, 2004
Mobile Mapping Teaches Students Social Planning
-Oregon Daily Emerald - Nov 5, 2004
Activist Questions Agenda At Neighborhood Meeting
-Oregon Daily Emerald - Nov 5, 2004
Community Mapping Project Begins
-Inside Oregon- Oct 25, 2004
West University Neighbors Activates Idle Association
-Oregon Daily Emerald - Oct 11, 2004
Cleaning Up The Neighborhood
 -Oregon Daily Emerald - July 15, 2004

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