Classes at Oregon


First Year ASL (Fall 101, Winter 102, Spring 103)

Second Year ASL (Fall 201, Winter 202, Spring 203)

Study of basic grammatical structure and vocabulary of American Sign Language, expressive and receptive finger-spelling, and introduction to American Deaf culture.

UO Credits: 5

Class Standing

Applied conversational use of ASL through literature, narratives, poetry, and plays. Explores various underlying metaphors found in ASL literature.

UO Credits: 4

Class Scheduling

ASL for Educators (Fall 311, Winter 311)

Designed for students with no knowledge of ASL and who want to pursue professional working with clients who have some degree of hearing loss.

UO Credits: 3

Class Scheduling

Deaf Culture (Spring 301, Summer 301)

Study of the relationship between small groups and dominant culture in the United States. Explore issues of language, culture, self-representation, identity, and social structure.

UO Credits: 4

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