Information on Course Evaluations and Faculty Governance at the University of Oregon

A first reference is the Faculty Governance Archives

We are starting to put together "subject" pages that cross cut across various sources to link information on faculty governance and a specific topic. We have chosen to start with "athletics" and "course evaluations" although there are several other projects we are also looking at. The following is a start -- if we are missing references you think should be here, let us know.  And if you think of other "subjects" we should look at, also please let us know.
   Peter Gilkey ( and Gwen Steigelman (

Motions passed

Information from the Senate Minutes

Other information

  • The 1994/1995 FAC report brings up the topic. In 1995/1996, the FAC proposed a motion on student evaluations. A modified version of the motion was passed in May 1996. Motion US US97/98-10 amended  this motion in May 1998.
  • Joint Senate Academic Affairs Committee on Student Evaluations (Winter/Spring 2007)
    1. Charge  13 February 2007
    2. Preliminary report  7 May 2007
    3. Final report 5 June 2007

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