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Committee Archives

The following information is taken from Senate Legislation:

Henceforth there shall be 3 categories of committees:

A. University Standing Committees. These are committees established by University Senate legislation and whose charges have broad relevance to and impact upon the general University Community. University-wide issues include but are not limited to general academic issues, the curriculum, campus governance, student and faculty affairs, International Programs, University awards, and issues affecting campus atmosphere and diversity. University Standing Committees shall at minimum provide a written report to the Senate and in some cases also shall report to the Administration based on their enabling legislation.

B. Administrative Advisory Groups. These are groups formed by administrators to advise the Administration about a particular area of concern. Their membership and charge are defined by the Administration in consultation with the University Senate. These groups report to the Administration. They also have an obligation to raise matters of concern to the University Senate and to keep the Senate apprised of major decisions.

C. Externally-Mandated Boards. These are boards required under State or Federal law or through the State Board=s administrative rules to address issues of specific, non-academic concerns. Their membership and charge are defined by the Administration in consultation with the University Senate. These boards report to the Administration and will consult with the Senate on issues of campus-wide importance.

Information for the appointed University Committees -- see also the Committee on Committees

  1. Academic Requirements.
  2. Campus Planning Committee.
  3. Child Care and Family Support.
  4. Committee on Courses
  5. Committee On Scholarships.
  6. Distinguished Service Award and Honorary Degree
  7. Distinguished Teaching Award
  8. Environmental Issues.
  9. Foreign Study Programs.
  10. Johnson Memorial Award.
  11. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Concerns
  12. Library committee. See also the Home Page of the Library Committee
  13. Non tenure track faculty faculty committee. also see the home page of the committee.
  14. ROTC Advisory
  15. Scholastic Review.
  16. Status of Women Abolished by US07/08-3
  17. Student Conduct and Community Standards Committee.
  18. Student Conduct Hearings Panel
  19. Student-Faculty Committee on Grievances.
  20. Summer Research Awards Committee
  21. Tenure Reduction, Retirement, Emeriti
  22. University Appeals Board.
  23. University Hearings Board -- see Student Conduct Hearings Panel above.

Information for the elected University Committees

  1. Faculty Advisory Council
  2. Faculty Personnel Committee
  3. Graduate Council
  4. Grievance Appeal Committee
  5. Intercollegiate Athletics Committee:
  6. Promotion-Tenure-Retention Appeal Committee
  7. Undergraduate Council see also the Home Page
  8. Officer of Administration Council see also the Home Page

Information for some administrative committeees

  1. Bio-safety committee
  2. Classified Staff Training Committee see also the Home Page of this Committee.
  3. Environmental Issues Committee see also the Home Page of this committee.
  4. Laboratory Safety Committee
  5. Off Campus Scholarships Committee
  6. Physical Access Committee
  7. Protection of Human Subjects Committee
  8. Radiation Safety Committee
  9. Safety Advisory Committee
  10. Student Health Committee
  11. Technology Transfer Committee [This committee is no longer active]
  12. Traffic Appeals Committee

Information is also available for committees indexed by year:

  1. 1998-1999: Membership and Reports.
  2. 1999-2000 Membership and Reports
  3. 2000-2001 Membership and Reports
  4. 2001-2002 Membership and Reports
  5. 2002-2003 Membership and Reports
  6. 2003-2004 Membership and Reports
  7. 2004-2005 Membership and Reports
  8. 2005-2006 Membership and Reports
  9. 2006-2007 Membership and Reports
  10. 2007-2008 Membership and Reports.

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