Course Information

This class has been designed to explore the causes behind the catastrophic events of the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., as well as the subsequent concerns which have emerged in its wake. While there has been much discussion that the world has substantively changed since that date, there has been limited discussion on the various dimensions of what that means. While this class cannot provide many answers that students will have, it seeks to facilitate asking informed questions.

The first class meeting will provide an overview of key events that have occurred, and continue with a discussion of students' reactions to and concerns about them. This will be followed with substantive discussions about various parts of 'the Muslim World' including background on the Arab/Israeli conflict, the history of Islamic attitudes towards islah (reform) and secularism, and Islamic societies' concerns with on-going processes of globalization. We then turn to address internal challenges confronting a range of Muslim states, and how these affect their relations with the United States. We conclude by analyzing press coverage of September 11th and subsequent events, as well as how both U.S. foreign and domestic policies have been affected and altered in their aftermath.

Additional Resources
Many people have inquired as to where else they can look for different perspectives on news coverage. While the full range of resources is inexhaustible, here are a few suggestions of newspapers from the Muslim world (and elsewhere) and compilations of resources put together by select groups that you might want to consider looking at.


The News ( Pakistan)

Dawn ( Pakistan)

Herald monthly magazine ( Pakistan)

Associated Press of Pakistan ( wire service)

The Times of India

The Hindu ( India)

The New Straits Times ( Malaysia)

The Guardian (U.K.)

The Independent (UK)

Al-Ahram Weekly Online

Middle East News Internet Press Directory
(a resource that includes print, audio and video resources from throughout the Middle East)

Middle East Resources
(Compiled by the Middle East section of the American Anthropological Association)

Reading Packet: After September 11th , compiled by UO concerned Faculty for Peace and Justice

Afghanistan, the Taliban, and the US: selected internet resources, compiled at U.C. Berkeley

Counter Punch: Resourses on 9/11 and the War on Afghanistan

Common Dreams News Center: Breaking News and Views for the Progressive Community

"Islam: Images, Politics, Paradox" Special Edition of MERIP Reports#221, Winter 2001

Citizenship and News in Times of Crisis and Peace: "Understanding and Action for Justice"