Bart R. Johnson

Associate Professor
Department of Landscape Architecture
216 Lawrence Hall
University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-5234
office: (541) 346-3688
lab: (541) 346-2168
fax: (541) 346-3626

B.S., Agronomy, 1987, Cornell;
M.L.A., Landscape Architecture, 1992,
Ph.D., Ecology, 1995, University of Georgia


Curriculum Vitae
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Recent Publications  

My primary focus is the integration of ecology with landscape design, planning and management. This includes applying the conceptual frameworks and analytical techniques of ecology toward design and planning, as well as using the cultural knowledge and approaches of landscape architecture to deepen knowledge of how humans structure ecosystems.

Research and Scholarship

My research includes participatory landscape planning, fire ecology, savanna and prairie restoration, and urban ecology. Current projects focus on conservation planning and restoration ecology for open habitats, including oak savanna, upland prairie and wetland prairie. This includes site-scale design and restoration as well as landscape planning across gradients from wildlands to urban centers.

Current Research and Scholarship

Oak Savanna Landscape Planning and Restoration
Upland Prairie Fire Ecology And Restoration
Wetland Prairie Restoration
Plant Introduction Genetics
Oak Savanna Aesthetics
Ecology and Restoration of Rock Outcrop Plant Communities

Past Research and Scholarship

Urban Ecology Education
Salmon-Friendly Urban Riverfront Design
Urban Riverfront Design
Ecology and Design Education
Ecology and Participation in Landscape-based Planning
Little Applegate Watershed Design
The Ecology and Restoration of a High Montane Rare Plant Community
Biodiversity in the Klamath-Siskiyou Mountains

Current Courses

LA 441/541 Principles of Applied Ecology
Develops skills in the application of ecological principles to spatially based landscape design,
planning and management across a range of spatial scales and cultural contexts.
Offered every Spring quarter.

LA 465/565 Advanced Landscape Ecology
Explores ecology, concepts and experiences of wildness and wilderness. Culminates in a group
backcountry experience to explore and interpret an Oregon wilderness. Offered every other
year as an intensive Fall quarter 0-week course, with independent preparatory assignments over the summer.
Next planned offering: Fall 2008.

LA 408/508 Fire Ecology and Management
Focuses on prescribed fire as a tool for landscape designers, planners and managers. Offered every other year as an intensive Fall 0-week course, with independent preparatory assignments over the summer.
Next planned offering: Fall 2007.

LA 621 Landscape Research II
Linking questions, literature and methods Develop skills in conceiving and crafting a landscape design and planning masters project, masters thesis, or doctoral dissertation. Focus is on developing and refining a researchable problem statement in the context of the published literature, and grounded in a potential methodological framework.

Landscape Design and Planning Studios
I teach landscape design and planning studios on a regular basis. Use the link above to see past course syllabi.

If you've made it this far, you may as well catch a glimpse of me living the rural life in Georgia during grad school. Use link, text and photo as in current website.

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