MAT 431/531, Fall 2015

Welcome to Math 431, Introduction to Topology. The syllabus is here. It contains information on class times, exam times, office hours, the textbook, contact info, etcetera.
This website will be used to make announcements, post homework assignments, post practice exams and solutions, etcetera.

HW is due by 11AM each Tuesday. Turn it in to my mailbox in Fenton hall (outside my office). Expect homeworks to be returned on Wednesday the week after they are handed in. The first homework will be due on T 10/6.

HW 1 (due T 10/6)

Reading: K, chapter 1.
Assignment: here

Munkres' excellent topology textbook can be found free online here.
HW 2 (due T 10/13)

Reading: K, chapter 2-3. You may also read Munkres Ch 13 (see the link above).
Assignment: here
Actually, I have postponed problem 5 until next week. Also, graduate students will only be required to choose 6 out of 8.

HW 3 (due T 10/20)

Reading: K, chapter 4 and the missing parts of Ch 2. Make sure you are happy with Exercise 2.9.
Assignment: here

HW 4 (due T 10/27)

Reading: K, chapter 9 and Munkres, chapter 23 and 25 (ignore anything involving product spaces or path-connectedness).
Assignment: here

For those of you who want more examples of tex files, the tex files for the HWs are on this website. Just change the url from HW4.pdf to HW4.tex

HW 5 (due T 11/3)

Reading: K, chapter 12 and/or Munkres, chapter 23 and 25 (the stuff on path-connectedness).
Assignment: here

I've posted the midterm solutions to the website. Please read them.
HW 6 (due T 11/10)

Reading: K, chapter 6 and Munkres, chapter 19.
Assignment: here

HW 7 (due T 11/17)

Reading: K, chapter 8 and Munkres, chapters 31-33.
Assignment: here

HW 8 (due T 11/24)

Reading: K, chapter 7 and Munkres, chapters 26 and 29.
Assignment: here

HW 9 (due T 12/1)

Reading: K, chapter 5 up to and including 5.5 (but really read it!).
Assignment: here

The take home portion of the final exam has now been posted. Turn it in to my mailbox by 5PM on Thursday, 12/10.

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