MAT 607, Spring 2016

Welcome to Math 607, Homological Algebra. The syllabus is being written. This website will be used to make announcements, post homework assignments, etcetera.
There will be homework assignments, to help you acquire the main tools in the class. I will try to assign homeworks on Wednesdays and one should aim to hand things in on Wednesdays.
We will mostly be working from Weibel's book An Introduction to Homological Algebra. You can find a pdf online if you look, but this is an excellent reference so it is worth buying. Some topics will be taken from other books, such as MacLane's Categories for the Working Mathematician which is also a recommended purchase.
Crawley-Boevey's lecture notes on quivers can be found here.
A portion of a good intro to derived categories and t-structures can be found here. Office hours will be Mondays 11-12 and 2-3.

The file with the exercises is here. This file will be updated periodically. It contains recommended reading.

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