Workshop on Algebra and Representation Theory Held on Oregonian Grounds

WARTHOG is a workshop aimed at graduate students and postdocs, focused on a single paper or result in algebra, representation theory, or related fields. Through lectures and many exercises, the goal is to bring the attendees up to speed on this result, starting from a state of relative unfamiliarity. One person is chosen as the main speaker.

WARTHOG was founded and has been organized for many years by Nick Proudfoot. Support came from Nick's NSF CAREER grant. Starting in 2016, Ben Elias will take over as the organizer, and support will come from his NSF CAREER grant. Since 2023, support has come from an NSF RTG grant based at UO, DMS-2039316.

2010: Operator Algebras and Conformal Field Theory (with André Henriques)
2011: Cluster Algebras and Lusztig's Semicanonical Basis (with David Speyer)
2012: Categorical Representation Theory (with David Ben-Zvi)
2013: Quantum/Affine Schubert Calculus (with Allen Knutson)
2014: Kazhdan-Lusztig Theory and Soergel Bimodules (with Ben Elias)
2015: Positivity in Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry (with June Huh)
2016: Knot homologies, Hilbert schemes, and Cherednik algebras (with Jacob Rasmussen)
2017: Symplectic duality (the Abelian case) (with Ben Webster)
2018: Deligne-Lusztig theory (with Olivier Dudas)
2019: Foundations of Tropical Geometry (with Diane Maclagan and Jeff Giansiracusa)
2022: Infinite-dimensional Methods in Commutative Algebra (with Andrew Snowden)
2023: Categorified Coulomb Branches (with Sabin Cautis and Harold Williams)

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