Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Top Ten Most Expensive Colleges

From CNN Money, repurposed from the Chronicle of Higher Education & the College Board. George Washington University in Washington, DC tops the list at $37,820.

Avg 2006-07 in-state tuition, 4-year public school: $5,836
Avg 2006-07 out-of-state tuition, 4-year public school: $15,783
Avg 2006-07 tuition, 4-year private school: $22,218

The bad news: this is just for tuition and doesn't include housing, fees, books, etc. With room and board, four-year public colleges average a total of $12,796 for in-state residents.

The good news: two-thirds of students receive financial aid. The bad news about that: more of it is in the form of loans.

The article has a handy calculator to find costs for a specific institution.


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