SCORE Savings groups


Inclusion of vulnerable households in savings groups


  1. This page provides additional information on the design and instruments used for the impact evaluation of project SCORE. Project SCORE introduces marginalized, ultra-poor households in rural Uganda to savings groups.

  2. The first working paper from the evaluation is

  3. Burlando, A. & Canidio, A. (2015). Can savings groups bring financial inclusion to ultra-poor households? Experimental evidence from Uganda.

  4. Questionnaires

  5. Links to pdf files of research instruments related to the paper are found below. Baseline data collection was carried out using paper questionnaires.  Endline data collection used SurveyToGo’s CAPI software, operated using Galaxy 3G tablets. 

Audit records

Links to the research instrument used by field officers for quarterly financial audits


Measures vulnerability for SCORE enrollees; baseline characteristics for the study’s preselected population

Records group participants during first meetings and assigns member IDs

Measures vulnerability for members of study savings group who are not SCORE enrollees

Collected information on access to formal and informal financial institutions at the village/parish level. Collected with CAPI

Final questionnaire for preselected participants; collected with CAPI

Type of Survey

Screening questionnaire for SCORE participants

Savings group rosters

Supplemental vulnerability questionnaire

Community questionnaire

Endline questionnaire   




Records of group financial records at the time of audit; individual members’ financial records

Type of Survey

Audit records