Zanzibar Blackout field work

  1. Papers

  2. This page presents materials related to two published papers:

  3. Burlando, A. (2014). Transitory Shocks and Birth Weights: Evidence from a Blackout in Zanzibar Journal of Development Economics, 108, p. 154-168.    

  4. Burlando, A. (2014). Power Outages, Power Externalities, and Baby Booms. Demography, 51(4), p.1477-1500.

  5. Research Assistance

  6. My research was supported in part by a partnership with the Zanzibar Office of the Chief Government Statistician (OCGS). I employed 13 enumerators to carry out the data collection in 18 neighborhoods across the island. Since I am happy with their work, I would like to give them some exposure, and recommend them for whoever wants to carry out economic research in Unguja.

  7. I have listed their names, locations where they work, and contact information.

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  9. Questionnaires

  10. Links to pdf files of all my research questionnaires are found below.


Effects of blackout on birth weights, fertility


Labor, leisure throughout the blackout

Supplement to household survey

Instructions for board game to measure day time allocation

Daily survey of maternity ward in-patients

Type of Survey

Household Survey

Labor Supplement

Board Game

Maternity Ward Survey