General Social Sciences: Applied Economics, Business, and Society Concentration (AEBS)

Applied Economics, Business, and Society combines training in business with the analytical training of the liberal arts. This concentration draws heavily from courses in the Business School and the Economics department so that it offers specific business skills while also exploring how business works in society, on the national level, and in the global context. This concentration is designed specifically for students who wish to work in business or pursue an MBA.
Top Five
Reasons to Study
This Major
  1. Analyze how commerce influences society and the environment worldwide.

  2. Utilize social scientific methods to interpret complex issues related to international commerce.

  3. Apply ethical reasoning to questions related to commerce including both human and environmental impacts.

  4. Explore complex contemporary economic, social, and political issues from a multidisciplinary perspective.

  5. Read, write and speak critically.

College of Arts and Sciences
Where Can I Go?

MBA program

Business (domestic or international)

non-governmental or intergovernmental organizations


non-profit agencies
Alumni Jobs

Project manager

Human resource professional

Courses You
May Need

1st Year
Preliminary Core: BA 101, EC 201, EC 202 (12 credits)

2nd Year
Methods BA 215, MATH 243 (8 credits); research methods (4 credits)

3rd Year
Specialization Courses outside BA/ECON (8 credits)

4th Year
Specialization courses (20 credits)

Major Credits
Required 24
Electives 28

Total 52

Core Education Requirements

BS or BA Degree Minimum = 180 credits.

Core Education is approximately 71—83 credits depending on transfer credits and placement scores and requires courses in:


Math and/or CS (BS) or Language (BA)

US: Difference, Inequality, Agency

Global Perspectives

Areas of Inquiry in:

Arts and Letters

Social Science / Science
What Will I Learn?

Critical thinking and analysis

Data management

Technical and professional writing

Project management

Grant writing

Understanding of the complex relationship between business, society and the environment
Experiential learning opportunities

Prison Education Program courses

Internships via Career Center

Study Abroad
Specialized Courses

Introduction to Economic Analysis [Economics]

Women, Work and Class [Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies]

Management [Business]

Environmental Ethics [Environmental Studies]

Economic Geography [Economics]

Ethics of Enterprise and Exchange [Philosophy]

Principles of Public Relations [Journalism]

Politics of Development [Political Science]
Add A Minor Or Certificate

Computer and Information Science


Media Studies

Political Science


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