Political Science

Politics is the making of collective decisions. It is an inescapable part of our lives, like health: just as you can have good or bad health (but never no health), so politics around you can be good or bad but is never absent. It operates across all aspects of your life: from international affairs, to federal, state, and local government, to business, to universities, and other arenas. The major in political science teaches you how collective decisions are made--and how you can have a role in them--across all arenas of your life.
Top Five
Reasons to Study
This Major
  1. Understand how decisions are made in government, society and the economy.

  2. Perceive how power is exercised in these arenas locally, nationally, and globally.

  3. Hone your writing, communications, and analytical skills.

  4. Engage directly with social and political issues.

  5. Prepare yourself for a wide variety of future career directions.

College of Arts and Sciences
Where Can I Go?

Students in Political Science may choose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS). Political Science provides students with a foundation for employment in:

Organizational leadership and management in business or other contexts

Law firms and legal aid societies

Consulting and polling firms

Advocacy organizations

International agencies or diplomacy

Print or digital media

Political campaigns

Federal, state or local government


Policy thinktanks and research organizations
Alumni Jobs


News editor

Cyber security analyst

Media relations officer

Campaign manager for Congressperson


Economic development officer

Director of marketing and research

Government relations director
Courses You
May Need

1st Year
PS 1xx, PS 1xx, PS 2xx

2nd Year
PS 2xx/Political Theory, PS 3xx

3rd Year
PS 3xx, PS 3xx, PS 3xx, PS 3xx/4xx

4th Year
PS 4xx, PS 4xx

Major Credits
Required 28
Electives 20

Total 48

Core Education Requirements

BS or BA Degree Minimum = 180 credits.

Core Education is approximately 71—83 credits depending on transfer credits and placement scores and requires courses in:


Math and/or CS (BS) or Language (BA)

US: Difference, Inequality, Agency

Global Perspectives

Areas of Inquiry in:

Arts and Letters

Social Science / Science
What Will I Learn?

Leadership in organizational management

Political analysis

Public relations and communication

Project or campaign management

Community engagement, mobilization and activism

Writing and oral presentations

Critical thinking, reading and debate

Social science methods and their applications
Experiential learning opportunities

PS Summer Field School in London

Local, national and international internships

Wayne Morse Scholars Program for future leaders

Model European Union

Honors thesis hands-on research

Research work with faculty
Specialized Courses

Public Policy and Political Action

Politics, Law and Justice

Politics of Business

Global Engagement

Sustainability, Development, and Social Action

Ethics, Identity, and Society
Add A Minor Or Certificate

Business Administration




Global Studies

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