Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts is committed to a liberal arts approach to theatre education, emphasizing a balanced program of practical and scholarly coursework for majors. Along with learning more about the literature and history of different kinds of theatre, students also leave with marketable skills. All majors learn the basics of various design and communication applications, as well as practical skills like sewing, construction, lighting, and acting. Maybe most valuable to future employment, majors learn to collaborate, to creatively problem-solve in a group, to develop self-discipline and expressive motivation, to meet strict deadlines and sustain commitments under stress of public performance.
Top Five
Reasons to Study
This Major
  1. Build confidence both onstage and backstage.

  2. Learn to express yourself creatively.

  3. Examine and reflect upon society using the medium of stage performance.

  4. Develop technical and organizational skills.

  5. Prepare for a wide variety of career opportunities.

College of Arts and Sciences
Where Can I Go?

Students in Theater Arts may choose to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS), a Master of Arts (MA), or a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD). Theatre Arts provides students with a foundation for employment in:

Community, regional, and commercial theaters

Repertory companies

Amusement and theme parts

Cruise lines

Radio stations

Television and motion picture studios

Acting conservatories

Arts councils

Talent agencies

College and universities
Alumni Jobs

Arts administrator

Production manager


Theatre director

Entertainment costuming host

Director of global communications

Artistic director

Senior design associate

Creative director
Courses You
May Need

1st Year
TA 211; TA 212; TA 250; TA 251 or TA 252; TA 271; WR 121; WR 122 or WR 123

2nd Year
TA 210; TA 321; TA 322; TA 323; TA 324

3rd Year
TA 367; TA 368; TA 369; TA 470; TA 3xx/4xx; TA 3xx/4xx

4th Year
TA 490; TA 490 (topic change); TA 3xx/4xx; TA 3xx/4xx; TA 3xx/4xx; TA 3xx/4xx; TA 3xx/4xx

Major Credits
Required   43
Electives 24

Total 67

Core Education Requirements

BS or BA Degree Minimum = 180 credits.

Core Education is approximately 71—83 credits depending on transfer credits and placement scores and requires courses in:


Math and/or CS (BS) or Language (BA)

US: Difference, Inequality, Agency

Global Perspectives

Areas of Inquiry in:

Arts and Letters

Social Science / Science
What Will I Learn?

Oral and written communication

Creative performance

Direction and production

Set and costume design

Stage management

Event coordination

Set construction

Dramaturgy and library research

Technology (e.g. lighting, electrical)

Promotion and public outreach
Experiential learning opportunities

Production work


Career-oriented courses
Specialized Courses

History of Theater

Costume History

Studies in Theater and Culture

Multicultural Theater

Theatre in London (Annual spring-term study abroad opportunity)
Add A Minor Or Certificate

Computer Information Technology

Latin American Studies

Native American Studies


Queer Studies

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