Seminars - Fall 2010

UO Center for High Energy Physics

September 24, 2010 (Friday) Bob Hirosky, University of Virginia

October 11, 2010 (Monday) Rudy Hwa, University of Oregon

Past Seminars

September 24, 2010 - Friday

Bob Hirosky, University of Virginia

Recent Results from the D-Zero Experiment

The D-Zero Experiment has now recorded more than 8fb-1 of integrated luminosity, facilitating an unprecidented range of measurements in Standard Model phenomena and new physics searches. This talk summarizes some of our latest results from the summer 2010 conferences and discusses future prospects with a substantial increase of available data.

2:00pm, 472 Willamette Hall

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October 11, 2010 - Monday

Rudy Hwa, University of Oregon

Ridges in Two-particle Correlations at LHC and RHIC

CMS has found a ridge in the two-prticle correlation of hadrons produced in pp collisions at 7 TeV at LHC. It is similar to the ones found in Au-Au collisions at 0.2 TeV at RHIC with or without trigger. Interpretation of the phenomenon will be given.

4:00pm, 472 Willamette Hall

Refreshments served at 3:45

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