May 8, 2000 (Monday) Parvez Anandam, University of Oregon

May 31, 2000 (Wednesday) Bruce Berger, Cornell University

June 5, 2000 (Monday) Eugeni Grauges, Institut de Fisica d'Altes Enegies (IFAE)

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Physics Colloquia

April 5, 2000 Davison Soper, University of Oregon

May 18 Michael Peskin, SLAC

Other HEP Talks at UO

NW Section of APS

May 19, 2000

Chris Waltham, University of British Columbia

Michael Peskin, SLAC

Nilendra Deshpande, University of Oregon

Ray Frey, University of Oregon

UO Center for High Energy Physics

Seminars - Fall 1999

Seminars - Winter 2000

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May 8, 2000 - Monday

Parvez Anandam, University of Oregon

Factorization Scheme Dependence of the NLO Inclusive Jet Cross Section

Abstract: I investigate how the next-to-leading order inclusive one jet cross section changes when the factorization scheme is changed parametrically among a representative sample of schemes.

4:00pm, 318 Willamette Hall

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May 31, 2000 - Wednesday

Bruce Berger, Cornell University

Measurement of anti-B0 -> D*+ l- nu at CLEO

Abstract: I present a study of the exclusive semi-leptonic B-meson decay anti-B0 -> D*+ l- nu carried out by the CLEO collaboration. I fully reconstruct the D* and charged lepton and determine the angle between the decaying B-meson and the D* - l combination. I present a prelimnary measurement of the branching ratio BR(anti-B0 -> D*+ l- nu) obtained through a fit to the distribution of this angle. This fit separates our signal decay mode from other B decays involving higher D resonance states or additional hadrons in the final state. I discuss the important systematic errors in this analysis, in particular the slow pion tracking efficiency. Finally, I present the technique which will be used to extract the CKM matrix element V_cb with similar methods, and I give the status of that work. This analysis uses a data sample of 3.3 million B-bar B events collected with the CLEO II detector at the Cornell Electron Storage Ring.

2:00pm, 472 Willamette Hall

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June 5, 2000 - Monday

Eugeni Grauges, Institut de Fisica d'Altes Enegies (IFAE)

LEP Centre-of-Mass Energy Determination from Z-gamma Events

4:00pm, 318 Willamette Hall

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