Seminars - Spring 2012

UO Center for High Energy Physics

May 21, 2012 (Monday) David Mason, Fermilab

Past Seminars

May 21, 2012 - Monday

David Mason, Fermilab

Searching for SUSY on the Other Side of the LHC

The LHC recently completed an expectation exceeding run, accumulating 5/fb apiece for ATLAS and CMS. With this large dataset in hand we are transitioning from "simple" cut & count searches for early new physics to more subtle and challenging signatures. I will summarize recent CMS SUSY results, especially concentrating on results from the full 5/fb 2011 dataset. As we now begin the 2012 run in earnest, I will also discuss where we're headed, with some emphasis on what to expect from the photon based SUSY searches.

4pm, 472 Willamette Hall

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