Seminars - Winter 2003

February 10, 2003 (Monday) Igor Tyukhov, Oregon Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory

February 17, 2003 (Monday) Osamu Yasuda, Tokyo Metropolitan University

February 20, 2003 (Thursday) Linear Collider Seminar

March 3, 2003 (Monday) Oana Boeriu, Universitat Freiburg

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UO Center for High Energy Physics

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February 10, 2003 - Monday

Igor Tyukhov, Oregon Solar Radiation Monitoring Laboratory

High-voltage Silicon Solar Cells with Vertical p-n Junctions: Evolution, Technology and Special Applications

30 years Odyssey story of solar cells with vertical p-n junctions having low internal losses, high output voltage rating, low manufacturing costs, and robust reliability will be covered. Unusual geometry of structures with vertical p-n junctions can find application as nuclear particle detectors.   

3:00 pm, 472 Willamette Hall

Refreshments served at 2:45


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February 17, 2003 - Monday

Osamu Yasuda, Tokyo Metropolitan University

Recent Status of Neutrino Oscillation Phenomenology -- after KamLAND

First I will give a brief introduction on neutrino oscillation, and summarize the results in favor of neutrino oscillation (atmospheric neutrinos, solar neutrinos and KamLAND (and possibly LSND)). I will also mention about phenomenology of future long baseline experiments and reactor experiments. I will try to present my talk so that non-experts understand the recent situation of the subject.

4:00 pm, 472 Willamette Hall

Refreshments served at 3:45

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February 20, 2003 - Thursday

Linear Collider Seminar

The American Linear Collider Physics Group (ALCPG) has initiated a series of monthly seminars intended for a broad audience. The seminars will be held in virtual rooms using talks posted to the web, phone conferences, and VRVS. This is the inaugural seminar.

LC Affairs on the International Scene

Maury Tigner

The LC and the Cosmos, Connections in Supersymmetry

Jonathan Feng

1:00 pm, 472 Willamette Hall


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March 3, 2003 - Monday

Oana Boeriu, Universitat Freiburg

Four-fermion Production with the OPAL Detector at LEP

Four-Fermion final states in electron positron collisions are observed with the OPAL detector at LEP in the data taken in the years 1997 to 2000. This process is a background to many searches, especially Higgs searches, and the measurement of its cross-section is essential. The total cross-sections for e+e- --> qqee and e+e- --> qqmm are measured within kinematic limits defined by the acceptance of the detector. Mass spectra are reconstructed and compared to Monte Carlo predictions.

4:00 pm, 472 Willamette Hall

Refreshments served at 3:45

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