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Peer Recruitment in Science and Math (PRISM) Program

Program Objective

Together with the Knight Campus, CMiS aims to improve recruiting efforts for minority groups in STEM through the Peer Recruitment In Science and Math (PRISM) program. This program sends UO graduate student ambassadors on a fully funded trip to present a research seminar at their alma mater and surrounding institutions serving diverse student populations. This student ambassador represents the UO’s commitment to diversity while showing undergraduates that a near-peer from their college is capable of succeeding at the graduate level.

This is not just a recruiting tool, but also an incredible professional development and networking opportunity for the ambassadors who return to their undergraduate institutions. During their trip, ambassadors will share their research with students and faculty and have the chance to meet with their own mentors and teachers from their undergraduate institutions. CMiS provides mentorship and guidance to the ambassadors returning to their universities, and currently has funding to send two students during Spring term of 2018.

Ambassadors of the PRISM program will prepare a 40-minute research talk with a 15-minute recruitment portion about their field and department, the University of Oregon, Eugene, and Oregon. Prior to the trip, ambassadors must set up two practice talks with the CMiS Executive Board, one of which should also include their research advisor. Other eligibility, requirements, and preferences for ambassadors are listed below.

Please be aware that even if you are selected to be an Ambassador for the PRISM program, your trip is still contingent on our ability to secure seminar timeslots at the schools listed in your application.

To be considered for the PRISM program, please fill out this form

CMiS is funded in part by the Phil and Penny Knight Campus for Accelerating Scientific Impact