SiD Monte Carlo Exercise 2020

Documentation & Tools

SiD MC20 Signal

SiD MC20 Signal & Background

SiD DBD Signal & Background

  1. WS=Whizard StdHep, MH=MG5_aMC@NLO HepMC, DR=Delphes Root, GL=Geant4 LCIO
  2. Whizard 1.95/2.6.4 for DBD/MC20 and Delphes 3.4.2 with DSiD card.
  3. With DBD files, you must use Event.Weight. Background processes are identified by Event.ProcessID.
  4. wget --user=[username] --password='[password]' -r
  5. Contact SiD Spokes Andy White ( and Marcel Stanitzki ( to access files.
  6. Contact Chris Potter ( for comments or questions on the content of this page.