A Tool for Analysis of Web Sites' Accessibility to Users with Disabilities

This is a downloadable checklist to assist you in creating web pages accessible to the widest possible readership. This checklist has been adapted by Doug Blandy from Vanderheiden, G. C., Chishom, W. A., & Ewers, N. (1996), Design of HTML Pages to Increase their Accessibility to Users with Disabilities <http://www.trace.wisc.edu/text/guidelns/htmlgide/ htmlfull.html> and assignments submitted by Richard Bear and Ann-Marie Bilderback, AAD 451/551 Art and Community Services, Program in Arts and Administration, School of Architecture and Allied Arts, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, Winter, 1997.

NAME of SITE _______________________________________
<http:// ______________________________________ >

  • Text Anchors

  • GIF and other inline graphics

  • Audio clips, movies, and image maps

  • Forms, tables and non-standard page and document formats

  • Color

  • Testing


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