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This site has been developed to report on distance education at the University of Oregon and to provide a summary of resources...blahm blah.  For more information, or to contribute to this site, contact Sandra Gladney, Distance Education Program Coordinator: <sgladney@continue.uoregon.edu>.

What is "Distance Education"?

With the proliferation of various technologies and the corresponding
instructional design adaptations, it isn't so clear what is meant by Distance Education, or Distributed Learning.  This section provides some definition and context.

The Issues

Many individuals support the concept of distance education, but there are many implementation and policy issues to explore. Included here are:
  •  technical development
  • student support services
  • copyright issues

From the Trenches

The Continuation Center offices receive an average of 10-15 inquiries a week regarding distance education offerings. The subject area and delivery method being requested varies greatly, yet some patterns do emerge:

Students who have accrued a large number of credits at UO but did not graduate and after an absence do want to complete an undergraduate degree.

"I was a student at the University of Oregon until spring of 1990. For employment reasons I stopped my education there just 5 credits short of graduation, and since I live and work in Japan I haven't had much opportunity to finish my degree. However; recently I have been looking into some of the distance learning courses that are being offered this spring, and it appears I could finally finish those last 5 credits. I would greatly appreciate any information you could give me in regard to the enrollment procedure for returning students to take online courses." 
Students who need professional courses in specific subject areas for ongoing credential requirements.
"I am writing to you in search of a graduate level correspondence course to be taken between the present time and Spring of 2000. I live on a remote island in Alaska and am unable to be on site for my education. I hold a Type A Alaska Teaching Certificate and need to take 3 graduate level credits to renew it. I began a Music Minor years ago and have an interest in continuing that. I was hoping that the University of  Oregon's School of Music would have Music History offered as a distance course. Please contact me at the above address if any of these needs could be met. If this isn't a possibility or if graduate level classes are not offered please let me know." 
Students who are full-time, admitted, residential students who have to physically be away from Eugene due to internship, job, family demands, etc.
    /am frantically looking for two statements that I got from students last fall/ 
Students who are completing a degree at another institution but want to supplement their coursework in some way due to subject matter or timeline demands. 
    "I currently have received an A.S. Degree in Business Management from Chemeketa Community College and have earned a total of 116 quarter hours. I have one specific question. Does the Geology course 303 or 306 qualify as a Natural Science course? My reason for asking the question is to be accepted at George Fox University in their Management and Organizational Leadership Program I need to take a Natural Science Course of 3 semester hours." 

Contribute to the Discourse

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