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microfilm reel, green,side view Welcome to Microforms

Microforms Service Desk (Knight Library, First Floor): (541) 346-3080 
Microforms Coordinator: Richard Bear, (541) 346-0763

The service desk is staffed all the hours that the Knight Library is open.  See the documents/microforms floor plan for information on location of collections.
Use of the Collections and Equipment

MICROFILM is 35 or 16 millimeter film on reels. MICROFICHE is 4 by 6  inch transparent cards. MICROPRINT is opaque cards. There is no printer for microprint.

There are in current service six reader/printer machines for microfilm and microfiche, four manual and two motorized microfilm readers, eleven microfiche readers, and one Microprint reader. Six additional microfiche readers are available in Government Documents and another is located nearby in Reference. Four portable readers are available for researchers; these may be checked out by UO faculty members for one term at a time.

All the reader/printers can make copies from either microfilm or microfiche, and can accommodate either 35 mm or 16 mm film. If you have considerable reading to do before printing, use a reader first and then move to a reader/printer when you know what you want to copy. If you have been using a reader/printer continuously for 1/2 hour, and no other reader/printer is available for a patron who is waiting, staff may ask you to give up the machine to that patron. Reader/printers produce copies for 13 cents each on copy cards (available from Copy Service) or 20 cents in coins (nickels or dimes only, as the machines cannot make change). The coin boxes and card readers on these machines cannot pass money from coin box to card. There is a change machine in the area that gives dimes for a dollar. A machine in the Copy Service area can make change for five dollar bills and changes quarters as well.

To use the CANON reader/printers: Power switch is at bottom left.

For microfilm (reels), load on the left spindle, with film feeding from the top of the reel, and pass the film under the black roller and between the glass plates, left to right. Press the blue feed lever toward the left. Film should feed onto the takeup reel on the right automatically. Ragged film ends or curled film may present problems. See the person on duty for help. The advance/rewind control is a wheel on the right. To move from one edge of the film to the other, push or pull the film carrier forward or back on its track. Most 35 mm film is positive, so select "p" for positive on the button at upper left. Turn OFF the mask (second from left). Controls on the lens are: top, Rotation; middle, Zoom; bottom, Focus. The image on screen that will print is between the four corners marked LTR (vertical). Print button is green, at upper right of control area. Laser printers are set for 400 dpi.

For microfiche (flat 4x6 transparencies), push the film carrier all the way to the back, then slide the fiche carrier from left to center. Pull forward, raising the top glass. Put fiche on lower glass face down, then push carrier under lens. Many fiches, especially the ERIC Documents, are negative. Select "N" on the upper button to the left, and select the middle mask on the button to its right. Adjust magnification (middle ring on lens) to fit the four corners of the image to the four corners marked (at bottom right) "LTR". In most cases the pages run from top left to bottom right, in rows. Each page has to be positioned and copied manually, one at a time.

To use the MINOLTA reader/printer: Power switch is on the right side, around the corner from the screen.
The film reader loads manually, from the top of the reel at left, between the left white rollers, between the glass plates, between the other white rollers at right, up over the top of the take-up reel. The forward/reverse control is on a box on the platform at right; it is reversed from other reader/printer models, so left is forward, right is reverse. There are two control rings in the lens; the upper one is zoom, the lower one is focus. To rotate images there is a control on the screen panel at bottom right. The four markers on the screen are approximately the corners of the paper. The Minolta is also available for fiche; staff can change the carrier for you. Use similarly to the Canon fiche reader above, and remember to set on "N" for negatives.
To use the 3M reader/printers: Power switch is the red one halfway back on the upper left side.
These four machines are well past their prime, both optically and as printers. If no other reader/printer is available, you may ask staff to help you get started on one of these for optimum results. For film, load the reel on the left spindle feeding film from the top, between the two rollers at left, between the glass plates, over the top of the take-up reel. Foward/reverse control is at bottom right; forward is right, reverse is left, stop is with the pointer at the top. The three control rings are, top to bottom: Rotation, Zoom, Focus. Print button is on the left at the bottom of the screen panel. Area printed is that between the four top and bottom marks, not the side ones. A red blinking light after printing means a paper jam; ask the staff for assistance. The 3Ms are also available for fiche; staff can change the carrier for you. Use similarly to the Canon fiche reader above, and remember to set on "N-P" for negatives.
Copies may be made from positive or negative microfilm or microfiche, and different size lenses are available to produce a variety of print sizes. Threading diagrams posted on or near the machines explain how to mount microfilms properly. Do not attempt to service the machines or unsnarl film tangles. If no one is able to respond immediately to the service bell at the Microforms Service Desk, go to the Government Documents Service Desk and someone will be available there to assist you.

To use the SUPERCARREL microfilm readers: Power switch is at bottom left.

Raise the upper glass. Load reel onto left spindle (firmly, all the way back) with film feeding from bottom of the reel, across the rollers and the lower glass, onto the bottom of the take-up reel. Lower the upper glass into position over the film and begin cranking the handle on the outside lower right of the carrel. Foward over the top is forward, backward over the top is reverse. The two lens ring controls are Focus and Zoom. To rotate the image, swing the carrier out from its recessed position underneath the carrel.
To use the READEX Microprint/Microcard reader: Power switch is at lower right of front panel.
Pull x-y tray toward you until upper glass flips up, then place card in tray right side up, facing away from you. Focus knob pushes forward for 18X magnification, pulls back for 23X, rotates to focus. There is currently no printer at UO for Microprint.
To use microfiche readers, find power switch (various models, each is different).
Pull x-y tray toward you until upper glass flips up, then place fiche facing up and facing away from you on the lower glass (exception is Krauss Curriculum Collection; place "face down"). The EYECOM readers tend to be the best for most uses.
Staff will make volume copies for UO faculty at .25 per page.

Staff will page Oregon newspapers from the Oregon Newspaper Microfilming Project for patrons who need to see issues not yet filmed and no longer in Current Newspapers and Periodicals. Titles being filmed do not include international or national papers, or these titles from Oregon: COOS BAY WORLD, EUGENE REGISTER GUARD, PORTLAND OREGONIAN, and SALEM STATESMAN JOURNAL. For more information on newspapers, see the Newspapers and Geneological Resouces on Microform <> page.
Inter Library Loan

Many items in the Microforms Collection are available through Interlibrary Loan. Items may be checked out for three weeks and renewed for three weeks. There is a limit of six items (six reels or six microfiche titles) per user.

Staff will research the collection for you if it is not convenient for you to visit or to use Interlibrary Loan. Searches are $10.00/hr (resident) and $20.00/hr (nonresident) with a 1/2 hour minimum. Bear in mind that results are not guaranteed and that charges can run up very quickly. Please be aware that we must do searches during times when we are not assisting patrons and allow up to six weeks for a response.

To initiate a search, contact the Microforms Coordinator, Richard Bear. His email address is <>. The telephone number is (541) 346-0763, and the mailing address is Microforms, University of Oregon Knight Library, University of Oregon, Eugene OR 97403-1299. Send the following information, as completely as possible:

Be sure to specify a limit (one hour, two hours, etc.). Send no money in advance; a bill will be mailed to you with the results.

If you wish to buy a reel of microfilm or a microfiche for which copyright is clear or owned by the Library, contact Leslie Larson, <>, (541) 346-1946.

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