A City-County Conversation About Our Downtown Civic Center

Scenario - 1


Scenario - 2


Scenario - 3


Scenario - 4

Scenario - 5

Scenario - 0

• City Hall on South Parking Lot

• Farmers Market in Former City Hall Building


• City Hall on South Parking Lot
• Co-Locate City Hall on NW Park Block
• City Hall and Farmers Market on NW Park Block
• City Hall on NW Park Block

• City Hall on Cleared Site

• City County Land Trade - Current Proposal

Scenarios 0-5 for Public Consideration

In order to:
• inform, expand and deepen the City-County conversation
• prepare for decisions about our downtown governmental center
• through the weighing of the pros and cons of important possibilities

With regard to:
• the siting and building of a new city hall
• the proposed city-county land trade
• the possible relocation of the Lane County Courthouse
• the possible expansion and remodeling of the Lane County Courthouse
• the reclaiming of the N. Park Block and N. Park Street
• the building of a Courthouse Market Square
• the removal of the “Butterfly Parking Lot” and its replacement
• the location, design and financing of a Farmers Market building
• the development of 8th Ave. and its connection to the river
• the removal or repurposing of the old City Hall

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This information has been assembled and presented by architects:

Otto Poticha, FAIA, Bill Seider, FAIA and Eric Hall, AIA as a public service.