Journalists Afr.American 5.3%

Hispanic 3.5

Asian Amer. 3.3

Native Amer. <1.0

40% daily papers have no minority employees.

Race is not a minority issue. It's the most important domestic issue this country faces. Gerald Boyd, deputy managing editor, The New York Times


Hutchins Commission charge: "the projection of a representative picture of the constituent groups in society."


Minority percent of total population: 25%


1998 Percent of print journalists in 1978: 11%

1998 Percent of print journalists in 1998: 11%


Percent broadcast journalists in 1978: 16%

1998 Percent of print journalists in 1998: 19%


Robert Entman- "modern racism" has replaced traditional racism in news.



Despite the efforts of well meaning journalists, white and minority, the content of news continues to distort our understanding of race issues because the content is:

1) decided largely by white news managers

2) uses a white male frame of the world

3) is written for an audience presumed to be white.

(Source: Guide to Research on Race and News, p.20).



* Stories do not show minorities in context.

* Too much focus on atypical behavior, both good and bad, on crisis, or, on the otherhand, of "colorful" festivals, holidays and other "exotic" aspects of non-majority life.

* Too much focus on entertainment figures and on minorities who are "firsts" in their disciplines.

* Not enough coverage showing minority people participating in the day-to-day life of their communities.

On the bright side:

* Some newsrooms are going out of their way to make sure that stories reflect their communities as a whole.

* There's a much better understanding of the need to do a better job of covering minorities.

* Some news organizations are putting together internal monitoring committees to periodically take a closer look at minority coverage and to create awareness for the need to get diverse coverage.

Improvements seen?

* More coverage, overall, of minorities.

* Much more newsroom discussion about coverage, especially in larger markets with diverse populations.

* Less generalization and more reflection of the differing opinions and different textures in the community.

* More inclusion of minorities in some of the regular everyday stories--although it's not consistent.

* Initiatives to improve minority coverage.