J320: Sample test questions

(note: these questions are taken from previous classes and may or may not reflect current course materials)


1. Guest speaker Mark Trahant suggested that reporters should gather evidence as quickly as possible when writing stories about Native Americans.

a. True

b. False


2. Drugs and alcohol are major contributors to domestic violence.

a. True

b. False


3. Anti-miscegenation laws were designed to keep gays and lesbians from marrying one another.

a. True

b. False

4. According to the reading "Sleepy Eyes Won't Do," African women are having cosmetic surgery at a high rate to make their eyes look more Western.

a. True

b. False

5. A(n) ________________ is defined as a conventional, formulaic and oversimplified conception, opinion, or belief.


a. ideology

b. melting pot

c. stereotype

d.none of the above

Multiple Choice Questions


1. Which stereotype includes the suppression of sexuality as a trait:


a. the bandit

b. the uncle

c. the mammy

d. the bad Mexican


2. Naomi Wolf's "beauty myth" suggests:


a. beauty does not exist

b. women spend a great deal of time and money trying to live up to social standards

c. men spend equal amounts of money on beauty products as women

d. that Andy Warhol is passé


3. As discussed in class, the functions of the American mass media are:

a. to inform and entertain

b. to educate and inform

c. to correlate parts of society

d. contribute to the economy and surveillance

e. (a), (b), and (c)

f. (a), (c), and (d)

g. none of the above


4. The fact that white's enjoy a status of superiority in all matters in American society, much of the time without noticing it, is called "white ______":


a) perspective

b) perponderance

c) perogative

d) privilege


5. A psychological framework for understanding the world around us is called:

a) hegemony

b) oppression

c) stereotype

d) ideology


6. Guest speaker James Garcia identifies himself as:

a) Latina

b) Chicano

c) Mexican

d) Peruvian