Sujata, Dev & Baby Makes Three - A wish list.

Dear Friends and Family,

Thank you for thinking of us as we prepare for our new arrival. Having you as part of our lives is the greatest gift for which we could ask. But because people love buying cute baby items (and even not-so-cute ones) we have some suggestions below, taken mostly from recommendations and the book "Baby Bargains."

We have set things up so that you do not have to shop only at one store (to accomodate people both near and far) and so that we can be flexible in what we ask. We ask that you:
  1. Look at our wish list below and pick a couple things you would want to get.
  2. Go to, click on "Find a Registry", and then enter our information (e.g. Sanghvi \\ Sujata \\ Eugene) to see our registry, which says what has been purchased.
  3. Pick something which hasn't been purchased and Shop! You can go to your favorite neighborhood store, or online from places like Babies"R"Us (, which has just about everything, and Froogle, which lets you easily comparison shop.
  4. Once you have bought something, please go back to our registry and click on your item to mark it as purchased.
We have been lucky in the number of small items - clothing, bath items, etc. - which we have received so far. So the list below is heavy on the big items, such as car seats, which you and some friends could buy together.

Dev and Sujata



We are likely to be getting many hand-me-downs, and we've already received some clothes, including plenty of cute outfits for 0-3months. We prefer 100% cotton. Clothes we still need include:


We still need most feeding items.