David Crumb | Composer

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Red Desert [2015]: Solo and chamber music by David Crumb. Includes September Elegy, Soundings, Red Desert Triptych, and Primordial Fantasy. CD available from Amazon or directly from Bridge Records.

Everywhere Entangled [2012]: The University of Houston Percussion Ensemble. Includes D. Crumb's Kinetikus. CD available from Amazon or directly from Albany Records.

‘Round Midnight, Hommage to Thelonious Monk [2011]: Emanuele Arciuli, piano. Includes D. Crumb's Variation on 'Round Midnight. CD available from Amazon.

Harmony for a New World [2004]: Quattro Mani (Susan Grace and Alice Rybak, duo pianists). Includes D. Crumb's Harmonia Mundi and The Whisperer. CD available from Amazon or directly from Innova Records.

Old News [2002]: Stephen Dunn, trumpets; John Pennington, percussion. Includes D. Crumb's Awakening. CD available directly from Equilibrium.

Chant der Rochers [2001]: Orchestra 2001. Includes D. Crumb's Variations for Cello and Chamber Ensemble. CD available per request from composer.