Asking Permission

You do not need to ask us permission to use the Brief Betrayal Trauma Survey (BBTS). Feel free to use it as you would any psychological measure available in the public domain. (Note that if you administer the BBTS you should of course abide by all relevant human subjects ethics regulations and codes, as you would for administering other comparable instruments. If you are not situated in a setting or institution that includes such regulations or guidelines, you might want to follow the guidelines available at the American Psychological Association: In addition, if you are a student considering administering the BBTS for a class project, first discuss your plans with your instructor.)

For scientific publications or school papers, etc., you may want to cite the measure. Currently you can cite it in one or more of these ways:


Conference Presentation

Web Site

(If you use the BBTS in research we would appreciate it if could send us a report of your findings)