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Self Injury & Suicidality: The Impact of Trauma and Dissociation
A Special Issue of the Journal of Trauma & Dissociation

Special Issue Guest Editors: Julian D. Ford, Ph.D. & Jennifer M. Gómez,

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Despite the relatively small but growing research literature on non-suicidal self injury, suicidal ideation, and suicidal behaviors, many questions remain, a number of which could be fruitfully approached through the lens of trauma and dissociation: What role do trauma and dissociation play in the onset of self injury?; Do different forms of self injury (e.g., cutting v. burning) serve different psychological functions that are related to trauma exposure or dissociation?; How might clinicians reliably distinguish between self injury with suicidal intent and self injury without suicidal intent, and what role do trauma or dissociation play in distinguishing them? How can clinical assessment or treatment addressing traumatic stress or dissociative symptoms contribute to the prevention or resolution of self-injury or suicidality?

This special issue of JTD will expand upon these and other aspects of non-suicidal self injury and suicidality (ideation and behavior), with specific regard to the roles of trauma and dissociative symptoms. We are inviting papers that provide new scientific, clinical, or theoretical findings, as well as literature reviews, addressing the role of varied forms of trauma—including but not limited to child abuse, incest, sexual assault/rape, and intimate partner violence—and dissociative symptoms—including primary, secondary, and tertiary; psychoform and somatoform; and positive and negative symptoms—in the etiology, course, psychiatric comorbidity, assessment, and treatment of non-suicidal self injury and suicidality. Papers that examine how the psychological sequelae or correlates  of trauma exposure and dissociation (e.g., shame, ostracization) affect the association between non-suicidal self injury and suicidality shall be considered as well. Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed.

Manuscripts should be 1500-5500 words. For more instructions, see Submission Instructions for Authors

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Submit papers for the special issue, along with the Author Assurance Form & Submission Checklist, to by February 1, 2014. Receipt of papers will be acknowledged by email.

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