Taus Case Analysis

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From Child Maltreatment -- Volume 2, No. 2 -- 1997

"Jane Doe's Recollection" - David L. Corwin and Erna Olafson

"Expressive Behavior and a Traumatic Memory" - Paul Ekman

"Commentary" - Frank W. Putnam

"Exploring Jane Doe's Picture of Pain" - Judith Armstrong

"Changing the Past to Serve the Present" - Ulric Neisser

"Reflections on Memory Discovery" - Jonathan W. Schooler

"Sex Abuse, Lives, and Videotape" - D. Stephen Lindsay


From Journal of Interpersonal Violence -- Volume 29, No. 19 -- 2014

"Introduction to the Series" - Constance Dalenberg

"Published Case Reports: One Woman's Account of Having Her Confidentiality Violated" - Nicole S. Kluemper

"A Review and Correction of the Errors in Loftus and Guyer on Jane Doe" - Erna Olafson

"First Do No Harm: Is It Any Longer Safe to Write Case Reports?" - Laura S. Brown

"Research Ethics and Private Harms" - Gerald P. Koocher

"Jane Doe: A Cautionary Tale for Case Reports" - Frank W. Putnam

Research Ethics and Case Studies in Psychology - Ross E. Cheit

Protecting Scientists, Science, and Case Protagonists - Constance J. Dalenberg, PhD