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The Ecodrama Playwrights Festival and Symposium on Ecology and Performance will take playce at the University of Oregon, Eugene, May 21-31, 2009.  Download the Schedule of Events.

  Keynote Speakers:

Una Chaudhuri, author of Staging Place: the Geography of Modern Drama
"Animal and Planet"
May 22, 5:30 pm, Robinson Theatre following Ecodrama Award Ceremony

 “Ecological victory will require a transvaluation so profound as to be nearly unimaginable at present. And in this the arts and humanities – including the theater – must play a role.”  ~ Una Chaudhuri, 1994

Rachel Rosenthal
, Performance Artist 
"The Planet and Me"
May 23, 5:30 pm, Robinson Theatre 
Reception following both speakers for EMOS Festival attendees.



Misson Statement

The mission of Earth Matters on Stage is to nurture connection and collaboration among artists and scholars who share an ecological sensibility.

The Ecodrama Playwright's Festival calls for innovative dramatic work that explores our ecological condition; then showcases the best work.

The concurrent Symposium asks us to think more deeply about how theatre and performance might participate in a sustainable society.

Join us May 21 ~ 31, 2009 for ten days of performances, workshops, readings, and round-table discussions dedicated to nurturing theatrical work that rises out of our connection to the environments we share and love.

 Presented by the Department of Theatre Arts  of the University of Oregon.