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JEOL Ltd. has been in business since 1946. The primary business of JEOL is the manufacture, sale and service of Electron Microscopes, such as SEMs and TEMs, and various types of analytical instruments including Mass Spectrometers and NMRs.
Cameca Instrumets is active in the field of EPMA and surface analysis. The company's strategy is to focus on high-end instruments that offer the best technical performance in their specialized fields, including EPMA, LEXES, SIMS, and TAP.
Hitachi Instruments is known worldwide for innovative technology, assists researchers to find solutions to their scientific instrument requirements. At Hitachi Instruments, Inc. (HII) we are committed to designing, manufacturing and providing the highest quality scientific instruments available.
You are invited to take a look at FEI Company, offering our complete line of FIB, SEM, TEM, and ESEM products serving semiconductor, data storage and industry & institute markets.
LEO Electron Microscopes. LEO Electron Microscopy combines the very best of two leading electron microscope manufacturers, Carl Zeiss and Leica.

Commercial EM resources on the WWWeb

Advanced Microbeam. We are dedicated to serving the EPMA community with a complete line of PC based WDS and EDS digital imaging, analysis and automation systems for JEOL, Cameca and ARL microprobes.
Beckman Instruments. We are one of the world's leading manufacturers of instrument systems that make laboratories more efficient by simplifying and automating diagnostic tests and biological research.
Digital Instruments, a simple goal: to make the power of scanning probe microscopy readily available to scientists and engineers.
Eastman Kodak. At Kodak, we are re-focusing our energies on helping customers all around the globe capture, store, process, display and share not only images and memories but information as well...
Energy Beam Sciences. Energy Beam Sciences is a manufacturer and distributor of unique instruments and accessories for electron microscopy, light microscopy, and histology.
Ernest F. Fullam. The oldest supplier of Electron Microscopy accessories. We specialize in supplying quality OEM and aftermarket accessories for electron and light microscopes.
Gatan Inc. is the premiere manufacturer for the electron microscopy market, including a full line of TV-rate and MultiScan CCD cameras.
Hummingbird Scientific. Does custom engineering and products for the TEM, SEM and FIB.
Kratos Analytical. Leading Supplier of Instrumentation for surface analysis and ToF Mass Spectrometry.
Molecular Devices and Tools for NanoTechnology, is the sole Russian producer of SPMs, probes and accessories.
Park Scientific Instruments. Since 1988, Park Scientific Instruments has led the way in scanning probe microscopy (SPM) technology with a commitment to world-class instruments and responsive customer support, with hundreds of systems installed worldwide. PSI maintains this commitment by continuing to introduce truly innovative products and technologies.
Philips Electron Optics. Complete access to news, views and more information about the exciting world of electron microscopy.
Princeton Gamma-Tech. A world leader in the commercial development of energy-dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) systems, high resolution digital imaging and analysis systems, and high performance germanium photon detectors.
Probe Software, Inc. Provides the most advanced software for acquisition, automation and analysis on electron microprobes. Research quality and industrial strength quantitative analysis and imaging applications used by government, academic and commercial institutions throughout the world. The most complete feature set of any software package with novel and sophisticated techniques and algorithms available with a single mouse click.
SPI Supplies -- Structure Probe Inc.   Manufacturers of sample preparation equipment and consumable supplies for microscopy and microanalysis laboratories including quality reference standards, sputter/carbon coaters, plasma etchers, CPD units, and vacuum evaporators.
SAMx. Xmas is a software program designed to control an EPMA or SEM with one or more WDS spectrometers. It incorporates electron microprobe automation for light element analysis including Statistical analysis, Area Peak Factor calculation, Quantitative peak integration and peak interference correction.
Southbay Technology, Inc. Sample preparation equipment and supplies for metallography, crystallography and electron microscopy.
Thomson Scientific Instruments, and WinEDS (high performance electron microanalysis).
Topometrix Instruments. Leading Commercial Innovations in Scanning Probe Microscopes.
Vaytek develops and sells advanced imaging software and hardware. Our products include deconvolution for optical microscopy (MicroTome and HazeBuster), volume visualization for any 3D data ( VoxBlast) and complete imaging systems.
Updated: March 1, 2002

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