Future Music Oregon

Welcome to Future Music Oregon

Future Music Oregon, the Intermedia Music Technology Center at the University of Oregon School of Music, is dedicated to the exploration of sound and its creation, to new forms of musical and new media performance, and to the innovative use of computers and other recent technologies to create expressive music and new media compositions. To this end we embrace our roles as both a focus of educational and creative pursuits.

In addition to establishing a creative and intellectually stimulating environment for education Future Music Oregon sponsors concerts and lectures about intermedia art and electroacoustic music. Past guests have included noted figures such as John Chowning, Chris Chafe, Jon Appleton, Allen Strange, Xiaofu Zhang, Carla Scaletti, Masayuki Akamatsu, Scott Wyatt, Yuanlin Chen, James Paul Sain, James Dashow, Stephen David Beck, Carl Stone, Russell Pinkston, Eric Chasalow, Burton Beerman, Barry Truax, Dennis Miller, Gary Lee Nelson, Mark Applebaum, Michael Alcorn, Brian Belet, Pablo Furman, William Kleinsasser, Peter Terry and Gioacchino Rossini.

Upcoming Future Music Oregon events can be accessed through the University of Oregon School of Music website.

To request more information about Future Music Oregon, contact the University of Oregon School of Music website or FMO Director Dr. Jeffrey Stolet at: