Curriculum Vitae
 About Me

I am a post-doc in the Ahmadian lab at the Institue of Neuroscience here at University of Oregon. I am quite new to neuroscience, but I am enjoying the chance to apply my computational experience to this new field. I am studying early sensory processing, especially visual and auditory. I am particularly interested in statistical models of natural stimuli and using these models to understand the computations being performed in early sensory areas. I am also interested in studying unsupervised and reinforcement learning of high quality data representations.

I completed my PhD in May 2016 in physics at the University of Oregon studying high energy physics. I have worked with models of dark matter, and spent quite some time studying nonabelian kinetic mixing models and their phenomenology.

I am passionate about teaching. I enjoy the process of understanding in practical terms how people learn, and putting that understanding into practice. To that end, I have been involved with the Science Literacy Program (and other activities) here at the University of Oregon for a number of years. Check out my teaching porfolio.

I am also interested in mycology, and especially in relationships between fungi and orchids. Hit me up if you want to go mushroom hunting.

Email:       Office: Wil. 453 Department of Physics 1585 E. 13th Avenue Eugene OR, 97403.