Gulcan Cil

I am an environmental and public health economist with a particular interest in policy impact evaluation and estimation of the effects of environmental and behavioral factors on human health and other socio-economic outcomes. I completed my PhD in Economics at the University of Oregon, and a post-doc at the US Environmental Protection Agency. I continue pursuing empirical research in various domains of health including maternal and infant health, geriatric health, substance use, and environmental health as an Associate Research Scientist at the Oregon Research Institute (ORI). I also work on research projects that involve population-level impact evaluation of school- and community-based programs, and cost analyses for school-based programs and interventions. Finally, I participate research projects as a member of the Mikesell Environmental and Resource Economics Lab in the Department of Economics in the University of Oregon.


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Oregon Research Institute

1776 Millrace Dr.

Eugene, OR 97403


Tel: 541-484-2123 (Ext: 1770)

University of Oregon

Department of Economics

1285 University of Oregon

Eugene, OR 97403-1285


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