Misprints in the book "Geometric Realizations of Curvature

by M. Brozos-Vaazquez, P. Gilkey and S. Nikcevic (published by Imperial College Press (2012). As of 11 August 2012.
  1. Assertion (2b) in Theorem 6.5.1 on page 183 is incorrect. It indicates that the alternating Ricci tensor is given by =-md(phi). The multiplicative constant of -m is incorrect and should be replaced by -m/2. Thus correct statement is that the alternating Ricci tensor is given by -md(phi)/2. The proof given on page 184 is correct.
  2. There is a sign mistake in the definition of the Nijenhuis and the para-Nijenhuis tensors given in equations (1.1.f) and (1.1.g). In these equations [x,y] should be replaced by -[x,y]. These tensors were introduced for the sake of completeness and played no role in the development. A similar correction should be made in the section dealing with Notational Conventions.

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