Hajo Neis, Ph.D.

Hajo Neis, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Oregon. He teaches urban architecture and urban theory in the Portland program with emphasis on city building and the art of building. Prior, he has taught at the University of California in Berkeley in the ‘Building Process area of emphasis’, where he also directed the area. He has taught at the University of Applied Science (Fachhochschule) in Frankfurt, Germany, and he was involved in the Prince of Wales Urban Design Task Force Program (Berlin 96/Potsdam and Beirut/Sidon 97). He is also a founding member of the architectural organization ‘School of Seeing’. Most recently he was awarded the DAAD visiting professorship at the Technical University of Dresden. His main interest in research include, first, the question of quality and value in architecture and urban structure and, second, the question of process and processes which create quality in buildings and the urban fabric.

As a practicing and licensed architect and planner for over twenty years, he heads his own architecture office Hajo Neis and Associates (HNA) in Berkeley, and Germany, and for special large projects with research components he also works with the ‘Center for Environmental Structure’ with projects in the U.S., Japan, Germany, and other countries, including the Eishin College Campus in Tokyo, New Town Guasare in Venezuela, University Student Housing in Oregon, and a Mixed-Use Urban Housing Project in Frankfurt. Currently he works on a solar headquarters and factory in Leipzig, Germany. He has published articles in English, German, Japanese and Greek Journals, and he is also a co-author of two books: ‘A New Theory of Urban Design’, Oxford University Press, 1987, and 'Battle - A Crucial Clash between World System A and World System B’ (forthcoming Oxford University Press). Recently he has co-authored Schule des Sehens, Fachhochschulverlag, Frankfurt, 2000. Currently he is working on: Details of Feeling - Building in Japan, and City Building - Models for Urban Space Growth Design.

Current and Recent Acedemic Work

2002 AIA Exhibit (January 2002)

The Architecture Box (Fall 2001) Form Language Symposium (2001) Biennale 2000
Living Bridge Studio (Spring 2002)

Current and Recent Professional Work

Powerlight, Germany (current)

Basalt Wall, Germany (2001)

Home for the Elderly Wolfgang Neis und Partner (Associated Office)

Hajo Neis Associate Professor Department of Architecture
Portland Center University of Oregon Portland, OR 97204