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       My list of compositions includes works for orchestra, chorus, chamber ensembles, and solo works. Many of the compositions are written especially for use in churches and in schools, as well as in concert. Drawing upon over forty years as a college music professor and as a choirmaster, I have written a widely-used counterpoint text,
Modal and Tonal Counterpoint, Josquin to Stravinsky, published by Schirmer Books with an Italian Edition, published by Edizioni Curci, Milan; a theory text, Music Theory Resource Book, published by Oxford University Press; and a book for organists and choir directors, Handbook for Creative Church Musicians, published by G.I.A. Publications.

       As a power user of the music notation program FINALE from its earliest version, I have developed a set of Finale Tutorials based on my college workshop. These step-by-step exercises are available from the Finale ftp site free of charge. The tutorials have been updated regularly, the latest for Finale 2010.