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Ph.D. in American History:   History Department;  University of Oregon.  American Social History/History of Higher Education.  Cognate Field in Educational Psychology.  August, 1988
Dissertation:  "The Scholastic Aptitude Test:  Its Development and Introduction, 1900-1947."

(Dissertation Committee:  Professors Richard M. Brown, Daniel A. Pope, Louise C. Wade, and C. H. Edson)

Post Master's Coursework in Higher Education and Educational Psychology:  42 Quarter Units of Graduate Level work completed at the University of California at Davis (1974), The University of Texas (1975-77), The University of California at Irvine (1978).

Master of Arts in History:  University of California at Davis.  Modern European History.  June, 1973.

Bachelor of Arts with Honors:  University of California at Davis.  Major:  History.  Minors:  Sociology and Applied Behavioral Sciences.  June, 1971.


Executive Assistant PresidentPresident's Office, University of Oregon.  July 1993 to Present.  Reports to the President.   Duties Include:

            Provide President's primary contact to student groups and organizations; Represent the President to faculty, student, and community groups as requested; Coordinate Presidential actions on investigations and grievances, including Affirmative Action, Student Conduct, Employment, Academic; coordinate Faculty Assignments to Committees; Coordinate University "Policy-making;"  Coordinate all University Accreditation Activities; Responsibility for Honorary Degrees, and Awards.  

            Serve As:

           --University's Accreditation Liaison Officer
           --University's Representative to College Board Academic Affairs Council
           --President's Representative on Undergraduate Education Policy Council
           --President's Representative on Intercollegiate Athletic Committee
           --President's Representative on Provost's Staff
           --President's Representative on Affirmative Action Administrative Council
           --President’s Representative to the Nine Tribal Nations of Oregon
           --Chair, Distinguished Services and Awards Committee


Co-Director of Academic Learning Services and Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education:  Provost's Office, University of Oregon.  October, 1992 to July 1993.  Reports to the "Vice-President for Academic Affairs and Provost" Duties Include:

            Co-Director of ALS Duties:

            Shared administrative responsibility for University undergraduate teaching and learning support programs and for operation of the Center for Academic Learning Services, a comprehensive center providing teaching and learning services including a Teaching Effectiveness Program, GTF Training Programs, learning support programs for all students, and the Educational Opportunities Program, a federally funded learning support for non-traditional students.

Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education

--Responsibility for curricular matters, including representing the Provost's Office on the University Curriculum Committee and making decisions on emergency curricular approvals;
--Responsibility for University space allocation decisions among colleges, schools and programs; responsibility for allocation of "Building Use Credits" and remodeling funds; 
--Represent the Provost's Office on the Academic Standards Committee;
--Served as the President's representative on the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee and the subcommittee on "Gender Equity;"
--Served as the Provost's and President's representative on the Enrollment Management Council;
--Responsibility for instructional innovation awards;
--Represent the Provost and the President on student and faculty complaints and grievances as referred:
--Represent the President on issues relating to the development of a more multi-cultural curriculum;
--Represent Academic Affairs as requested, including serving as the University's Academic Affairs Delegate to the College Board.

Acting Executive Assistant to the President:  (Serving as Sabbatical leave replacement from September 1, 1991 through August 31, 1992)  Delegated responsibilities by the President of the University, including: appointment of faculty to all University Committees, liaison with the State Board of Education, Coordinate of University accreditation reports as the "Accreditation Liaison Officer."  Meet with the Council of Dean's, the President's Staff; Coordinate the administrative functions of the President's Office.  Serve on the Undergraduate Task Force and the Academic Standards Committee.  Represent the President in other University committees and activities as requested.  Responsibility for Honorary Degrees, Awards, and Convocation.  Serve as the President's primary contact to student groups and organizations.

Director:  Academic Learning Services:  Project Director:  Special Services for Disadvantaged Students.  College of Arts and Sciences 1986-present.  (On Leave from these duties 1991-92 to work in President's Office)  Duties included:

Administrative responsibilities including budgeting; supervising six faculty members, two administrative assistants, two graduate student assistants, and over ninety student employees including peer tutors, counselors, and office workers; program planning; and departmental liaison; for a comprehensive campus learning support program that includes the University Tutorial Program, the Writing and Math Labs, Test Preparation Programs, a curriculum of credit classes and non-credit academic skills workshops, and the Teaching Effectiveness Program.

Administrative responsibility for the University of Oregon's Special Services for Disadvantaged Students Grant  -- including external liaison with the Department of Education and the State System and campus liaison with Upward Bound, The University Council on Minority Education, and the Division of Student Affairs.

Director:   Learning Resources Center, University of Oregon, College of Arts and Sciences,  1978-1986.  Duties included:

Coordination of Learning Resources Center programming; budgeting; evaluation; supervision; departmental liaison; teaching courses and workshops.

Director:  Tutorial Services,  Associate Director, Learning Skills Center, University of California at Irvine.  February 1977-November 1978.  Duties included:

Coordination of all campus tutorial services; program development of funding base; supervision of graduate coordinators; counseling in leaning skills, writing, and reading; teaching courses in graduate exam preparation. 

Acting Director:  RASSL/Learning Services Center, The University of Texas at Austin.  May 1975 - September 1975.  (While Director on leave of absence.)  Duties included:
Intra-campus liaison, consultation with other programs and agencies, operational responsibility for a program with ten other full-time professional staff members and three administrative support staff members.

Learning Specialist and Coordinator:  Tutorial Assistance Program RASSL/Learning Services Center, the University of Texas at Austin.  August 1974 - January 1977.  Duties included:
Coordinator of campus tutoring; tutor training and recruitment; program development; program evaluation; budgeting; outreach to academic departments; supervision of Self-Help Lab; counseling; teaching classes in study techniques, writing, reading comprehension and rate building, and exam preparation.

Intern Instructor in Developmental Reading and Study Skills:  Learning Assistance Center, The University of California at Davis.  August 1973 - June 1974.  Duties included:

Providing Reading diagnosis and prescription, individual counseling; teaching workshops on study skills, reading and effective writing.

Student Teacher:  Department of History, American River Community College, Spring Semester, 1974.  Duties included:

Complete organization and presentation of a Western Civilization course.

Teaching Assistant:  U.C. Davis Department of History,  January 1972 - January 1974.  Duties included:

Five quarters experience in the Western Civilization series and one quarter in an upper division course on modern Europe.  This work included leading weekly discussion sessions as well as grading.


"Measuring America's Intelligence," (American Studies Program); a Freshman Seminar taught Fall of 1986; "Measuring Minds,"  (History Department) Freshman Seminar taught Winter, 1992.

"Writing Adjunct Course to American History"  (Academic Learning Services 199) 1987 to 1993.

"Introduction to University Study"  (Academic Learning Services 101) 1980 to 1993.

"Western Civilization:  1648 to the Present"  American River Community College. 1974.


Dean's Honors (1969-70-71);  Recipient "V. Glenn Winslow Award for Scholarship and Activities," The University of California at Davis, upon graduation in 1971.

President of the Student Body:  University of California at Davis 1969-70.


College Entrance Examination Board National Forum:  New York, October 1996.  “The SAT’s History: Past as Prologue.”  Presentation with Nicolas Lehman and Robert Laird.

College Entrance Examination Board:  Honolulu, Hawaii, February 1994.  "Preparing for the New SAT."

College Entrance Examination Board:  Seattle, Washington, February 1991.  "Student Financial Aid: Who Should Benefit?"  (Roundtable discussion for publication in The College Board Review, Summer 1991)

Northwest Association of Special Programs:  Portland, Oregon, December 1990.  "Assisting Non-Traditional Students with Standardized Examination Preparation."

National Conference on Class Bias in American Higher Education:  Queens College, New York, October 1992.  "Admissions Testing: Ticket Taking, Not Ushering

Northwest Association of Special Programs:  Portland, Oregon, December 1989.  "Academic Support the Allows Students to Outperform Predictions."

College Reading and Learning Association:  Seattle, Washington, April 1989.  "Challenging the 'High Risk' Student".

Northwest Association of Special Programs:  Portland, Oregon, December 1988.  "Challenging, Not Simply Retaining, the 'High Risk' Student,".

Eighth National Conference on College Learning Centers:   Long Island   University,  New York,  May 16, 1986.  "Standardized Test Preparation and the College Learning Center."

Education Testing Service,  Visiting Scholar Lecture  "The Scholastic Aptitude Test:  A Product of Environment or Heredity?"  Princeton, New Jersey, March 28, 1985.

College Entrance Examination Board:  New England Regional Meeting  February, 1985.  "Helping Students Prepare for the SAT"

College Entrance Examination Board:  National Meeting  Dallas, October, 1983.  "Preparing for the SAT:  What Helps?"

College Entrance Examination Board:  Western Regional Meeting, San Francisco, March 1983.  "Helping Students Prepare for the Scholastic Aptitude Test:  Our Responsibilities as Public Educators."

College Entrance Examination Board:  Western Regional Meeting Spokane, February 1984.  "Programs for SAT Preparation."

National Association for Remediation in Post-Secondary Education: The Controversy Over Aptitude Testing."  Austin, October 1983.

College Reading and Learning Association:

"The Debate over Aptitude Testing:  An Historical Perspective from Walter Lippmann to Ralph Nader."  San Diego, April 1982.

"The Learning Center and Teaching Effectiveness."  (With Susan J. Lesyk) Dallas, April 1981.

"Understanding the University: A Foundation for Academic Learning."  (With Susan J. Lesyk) San Francisco, April 1980.

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"Subject Area Paraprofessionals:  A Team Approach."  Long Beach, 1978.

"Math Anxiety Reduction:  A Factor in G.R.E. Preparation."  Denver, March 1977.

"Subject Area Tutoring:  Its Role in the Learning Center."  Tucson, April, 1976.

Facilitating Effective Test Preparation."  Anaheim, March, 1975.

California Community College Tutorial Association: "Math Anxiety and Tutoring,"  Costa Mesa, CA.,  December 1977.

International Reading Association:    "Relating Learning Skills to Specific Academic Disciplines,"  Austin, March 1977.

Texas Junior College Teacher's Association:   "Interfacing a Learning Assistance Program with Academic Departments."  Houston, February 1975.


Hubin, David R.  “Past as Prologue: The SAT.”  The College Board Review, Spring 1997

Hubin, David R. “Tests Give a Fair Shake.”  USA Today, May 14, 1996.  (Invited Opposing View to Editorial)

Hubin, David R. and Susan J. Lesyk.  "Analyze, Synthesize, Organize: An Active Approach to Exam Preparation."  New Dimensions for College Learning Assistance: Reading and Study Skills, #8.  San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass, June 1982.

Hubin, David R. "How to Study Physics," in Martha Maxwell, Improving Student Learning Skills, San Francisco, Jossey Bass, 1979.

Hubin, David R. and Marilla Svinicki,  "Effective Questioning and Problem Solving Strategies in a Teaching Relationship."  A videotape produced on a University Presidential Grant by Education Television KLRN, Austin, Texas, January, 1977.  (23 minutes).

Hubin, David R. and Charles Ridell,  "How to Study Physics,"  Copyright, The University of Texas, 1977, (14 pages).


U.S. Department of Education:  Student Support Services Grant for University of Oregon.  $1,230,000 for 1990-1993  (Written with Susan Lesyk).

U.S. Department of Education:  Student Support Services Grant for University of

Oregon.   $900,000 for 1987-1990   This proposal was the highest ranked proposal nationwide out of 915 proposals:  (Written with Susan Lesyk).




Associate Chair:  Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges Regional Accreditation Decennial Review Team at University of Alaska at Anchorage, October 2000.

Associate Chair:  Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges Regional Accreditation Decennial Review Team at Washington State University, April 1999.

Associate Chair :  Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges Regional Accreditation

Decennial Review team at Western Washington University, April 1998.

Invited Participant:  Educational Testing Service Conference on the Future of Higher Education.  Kellogg Center, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, March 1998.

Invited Participant:  President Don Stewart’s Discussion with College Presidents, February 1998, San Francisco and July 1998, Chicago.

Consultant:  College Board’s ad-hoc advisory group on development of SAT Educational Television Program.  (Chaired by Dr. Robert Solomon.)

Chair:  College Board's National Advisory Committee for the Scholastic Aptitude Test, 1993-1995.

Member:  College Board's National Advisory Committee for the Scholastic Aptitude Test, 1991-1993.

Member:   Board of Directors:  Laurel Hill Center, Eugene Oregon, (a non-profit organization serving individuals with psychiatric or physical disabilities)  1993-1996.

Member:  National Advisory Committee on General Principals of Teaching and Learning, Educational Testing Service.  1990-1993.

Consultant:  Southern Oregon State College, School of Education, (Consultation on the revisions to the National Teacher's Examination) May, 1992.

Consultant:  Roseburg High School, Roseburg Oregon, 1985-present

Instructor:  Continuing Education, Southern Oregon State College, (Preparation

workshops for the National Teacher's Examination, the Graduate Records Examination and the Graduate Management Admissions Test.)  1988-present

Instructor:  Lane Community College Florence Campus, (Preparation for the SAT) 1989-92

Instructor:  Umpqua Community College, (Preparation for the SAT) 1985-present.

Curriculum Consultant:  Boston Public Schools, Boston, Massachusetts, May 20, 21, 1985.

Consultant/Pre-Publication Reviewer:  Simon and Schuster:  Employed as a consultant on test-preparation materials for the Law School Admissions Test, the Graduate Record Examination, the Graduate Management Admissions Test and the Scholastic Aptitude Test at the time of Simon and Schuster's acquisition of Prentice Hall.

Examination Preparation Consultant: Portland Public School District, Portland Oregon, October 28, 1983

Curriculum Consultant:  North Clackamas School District, Portland, Oregon 1983-present

Instructor:   Institute for Directors and Staff of learning Assistance Programs, University of California at Berkeley, Extension, under the direction of Dr. Martha Maxwell, 1977-80.


"Testing as Teaching"  University of Oregon: Annually, 1985-91

"Effective Use of Office Hours" (With Susan Lesyk: Workshop for GTF's) University of Oregon: Annually, 1986-93.

"Teaching History with Primary Sources: Assisting Your Students with Reading"  University of Oregon, 1978, 1979.

"Teaching Your Students to Study History"  University of Texas: 1978; University of Oregon: Annually, 1979-86.

"Evaluating Student Essay Examinations"  University of Oregon: Annually, 1984-90.


Productivity Task Forces in two areas:  1) Assessment; 2) Articulation with other Institutions and Secondary Education.  (Fall 1993)

Provost's Task Force on Statewide Standards for High School Graduation: Writing and Verbal Reasoning Subcommittee  (1992)

University Curriculum Committee (Representing Provost's Office) (1992-93) University Distinguished Services Award Committee:  Chair 1991-92 and 1993-present; member 1992-93.

University Space Committee; Chair, (1992-93)

Intercollegiate Athletic Committee, Designated University Senate Representative (1992-93); President's Representative (1993-present)

Special Policy Committee on Curriculum Change (Realignment of course credit in general education and in major programs.  (1991-92)

Academic Standards Committee (1990-93)

            Vice-Chair: 1990-91

            Provost's Office Representative (October 1992-Present)

Undergraduate Education Planning Task Force (1990-92)

Chair: Undergraduate Education Task Force Study Group on "The Learning Environment" (1991-92)

University Senate  (Elected 1991 to two year term)

University Senate  (Elected 1989 to two year term)

            University Senate Executive Committee (1989-90)

            University Senate Nominating Committee (1990-91)

Search Committee for the Counseling Center Director (1991)

Search Committee for the Vice-Provost for Academic Personnel (1990)

Faculty Committee on Academic Advising (l985-1987)

Special Minority Enrollment Initiative Committee (1986)

Scholarship Selection Committee for the Minority Tuition Award Program (1987 to present)

Scholarship Selection Committee for Minority Achievement Scholarship Program for Juniors (1989 to present)

Advisory Committee:  Center for Academic Learning Services (Chair, 1986 to present)

Scholastic Review Committee (ex-officio, 1986 -1988)

Division of Student Affairs: Unit Heads (1986 to 1993)

Committee on Teaching Effectiveness Programming (1987 to present)