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The Committee on Athletics was created 18 September 1895 (see Volume 2 page 133 ff of the UO Assembly Records); the IAC is a sucessor to this committee. We also refer to a summary of the relation between Athletics and the Assembly for the period 1891 through 1928.
  • You may also want to visit the official UO Athletic Department web page which also contains information about the IAC.

    Chair for 2007/8: Anita Weiss

    Minutes of the IAC:

    1. 1995-1996:18 Oct 95, 13 Nov 95, 17 Jan 96, 15 Feb 96, 04 Apr 96, 09 May 96, 04 Jun 96.
    2. 1996-1997: 24 Oct 96, 19 Nov 96, 28 Jan 97, 18 Feb 97, 24 Apr 97, 22 May 97.
    3. 1997-1998: 23 Oct 97, 11 Dec 97, 28 Jan 98, 23 Feb 98, 19 May 98, 15 Jun 98.
    4. 1998-1999: 14 Oct 98, 20 Jan 99, 19 Apr 99, 19 May 99.
    5. 1999-2000: 27 Oct 99, 08 Dec 99, 02 Feb 00, 27 Apr 00, 29 Mar 00, 25 May 00.
    6. 2000-2001: 04 Oct 00, 01 Nov 00, 06 Dec 00, 07 Feb 01, 07 Mar 01, 04 Apr 01, 18 Apr 01, 30 May 01.
    7. 2001-2002: 03 Oct 01, 05 Dec 01, 07 Feb 02, 03 Apr 02, 01 May 02.
    8. 2002-2003: 02 Oct 02, 06 Nov 02, 08Jan03, 05 Feb 03, 06 Mar 03, 02 Apr 03, 07 May 03, 04 Jun 03.
    9. 2003-2004: 01 Oct 03, 11 Nov 03, 01 Dec 03, 05 Feb 04, 03 Mar 04, 11 May 04, 02 Jun 04.
    10. 2004-2005: 29 Sep 04, 06 Oct 04, 03 Nov 04, 01 Dec 04, 05Jan05, 26 Jan 05, 06 Apr 05, 02 Mar 05, 11 May 05.
    11. 2005-2006: 28 Sep 05, 19 Oct 05, 07 Dec 05, 25 Jan 06, 15 Feb 06, 05 Apr 06, 17May06.
    12. 2006-2007: 27 Sep 06, 15 Nov 06, 13 Dec 06, 17 Jan 07, 06 Mar 07, 18 Apr 07, 23 May 07, 6 Jun 07.
    13. 2007-2008: 23 Jul 07, 07 Nov 07, 29 Nov 07, 12 Dec 07, 06 Feb 08, 20 Feb 08, 05 Mar 08, 16 Apr 08, 07 May 08, 04 Jun 08.
    14. 2008-2009: 16 Sep 08, 15 Oct 08, 18 Nov 08, 10 Dec 08, 21 Jan 09, 04 Mar 09, 01 Apr 09
    1. Documents 2008-9:
      • Remarks by Athletic Director Killkenny to the IAC 4 June 2008;
      • Information about the Arena Bonds.


    1. 1998-9: R. Clark, A. Stavitsky, J. Leahy (Chair), B. Shelton, N. Tublitz, L. Kahle, B. Ryan, Bill Moos, J. O'Fallon, Mary-Lyon Dolezal, Jeffrey Hurwit, Jim Mohr, CJ Gabbe, Heidi Smith,Taylor Sturges, Shannon Cranston, Ceri Swanson, Wendy Weston
    2. 1999-0: John Leahy (Chair), Brad Shelton, Nathan Tublitz, Lynn Kahle, B. Ryan; J. Hurwit , Dan Close, Mary-Lyon Dolezal, Larry Singell; Margaret Paris, Bill Moos, Dann Williams, James O'Fallon, Jim Mohr, JR Fitzpatrick, Waweru Gatimu, Spencer Hamlin, Heidi Smith.
    3. 2000-1: Dan Close, Mary-Lyon Dolezal, Larry Singell, Martha Bayless, Ken Kempner, Janet Rose, Brad Shelton (Chair), Richard Sundt, Bill Moos, Dann Williams, James O'Fallon, James Earl, Katy Lenn, Jim Mohr, Greg Zimel, Melody Walz, Jeff Oliver, Grant Blume, Jennifer Greenough.
    4. 2001-2:Martha Bayless, Janet Rose, Brad Shelton (Chair), Marian Friestad, Jim Schombert, Todd Zimbelman, Bill Moos, Dann Williams, James O'Fallon, Katy Lenn, David Strom, Walker Hanlon, Jeff Oliver, Jenny Kenyon, Dominique Beaumonte.
    5. 2002-3:  Marian Friestad, Jim Schombert, Todd Zimbelman, Laura Fair, Susan Gary, Jim Hutchinson, Edward J. Kame'enui, Brad Shelton (chair), Bill Moos, Dann Williams, James O'Fallon, David Strom, Jenny Kenyon, Kirsten McEwen, Dara Wone, Dominique Beaumonte.
    6. 2003-4: Laura Fair, Susan Gary, Jim Hutchinson, Edward J. Kame'enui, Brad Shelton (chair), Stan Jones, Rick Mowday, Anita Weiss, Bill Moos, Dann Williams, James O'Fallon (Faculty Representative) , Peter Gilkey, Kim Sheehan, James George and Jonah Lee.
    7. 2004-5:  Stan Jones, Rick Mowday, Anita Weiss, Jim Isenberg, Michael Moffitt,  George Rowe, Jim Schombert , Todd Zimbelman, Bill Moos, Dann Williams, James O'Fallon,  Kim Sheehan, Nathan Tublitz, Anna Leksinska, Katie Wallace, William Kopeikin, Jack Crocifisso, Nick Hudson.
    8. 2005-6: Kenny Gates, Jim Isenberg, Michael Moffitt,  George Rowe, Jim Schombert, Todd Zimbelman, Mark Blaine, Julie Haack, Whitney Wagoner, Ed Singer,  Bill Moos, Dann Williams, James O'Fallon, Nathan Tublitz, Eric Pickard
    9. 2006-7: Mark Blaine, Julie Haack, Whitney Wagoner, Ed Singer, Jim Isenberg, Michael Moffitt, Harry Price, Anita Weiss, Paul van Donkelaar, Bill Moos, Dan Williams, James O'Fallon, Peter Keyes , Nathan Tublitz, Roland Ford, Joanna Gail and Danny Shearer.
    10. 2007-8: Jim Isenberg, Michael Moffitt, Anita Weiss, Paul van Donkelaar, Danny Shearer, Dev Sinha, Deborah Morrison, David M. Peterson, Nathan Tublitz, Whitney Wagoner, James O'Fallon, George Rowe, Richard Sundt; Ex officio non voting: Pat Kilkenny, Melinda Grier, Renee Baumgartner, Laura Frieder-Hazlett, Gary Gray, Tom Larson, Julie Larsson, Mike Marlow, Dan Williams, Neal Zoumboukos.
    11. 2008-9: Chair Janet Wasko; Dev Sinha (Mathematics) Deborah Morrison (Journalism and Communication) David M. Peterson (Knight Library, Media Services) Nathan Tublitz (Biology) Whitney Wagoner (Business); Brad Shelton (Mathematics); Eric Peterson (Linguistics); Mandy Chong (EMU - Cultural Forum), Suzanne Rowe (Law), Richard Taylor (Physics), Janet Wasko (Journalism and Communication); Faculty Representative George Rowe (English);Ex-officio, non-voting members Pat Kilkenny (Athletics Director), and designees Melinda Grier, Renee Baumgartner, Laura Frieder-Hazlett, Gary Gray, Tom Larson, Julie Larsson, Mike Marlow, Dan Williams, Neal Zoumboukos
    12. The membership for 2009/2010 is be available on the University Committee Web Page 2009/10 University Committee Web Page. It will be posted to this archival web page in late May 2010.


    1. 2004-2005, 2005-2006,
    2. 2006-2007 (Preliminary February 2007), (Final 9 May 2007), and Report to the Senate April 2007)
    3. Final report IAC June 2008, Student athlete academic honors
    4. IACFinalReport09.pdfFinal report IAC June 2009

      Enabling Legislation:

      Charge to the Intercollegiate Athletic Committee
      The following information comes from US04/05-3 passed in January 2005. It updates the previous charge contained in US001-6.

      CHARGE & RESPONSIBILITIES: CHARGE & RESPONSIBILITIES The Intercollegiate Athletics Committee shall:

      • 1. Represent the academic standards of the university as embodied in the University of Oregon Mission Statement in all decisions;
      • 2. Advise the administration, the senate, and the athletics director on any athletics department policy or program, including the athletics department budget;
      • 3. Promote and safeguard opportunities for student athletes to excel in academics and protect and ensure the academic integrity of student athletes; and,
      • 4. Promote greater understanding, for the university community, of intercollegiate athletics and the relationship between academics and athletics.
      As part of its function and in order to carry out its governance function, the IAC shall be consulted by:
      • 1. The athletics department on:
        • 1. any proposed changes in departmental recruiting policies, academic advising, expectations regarding student schedules, or any other practice that could affect the academic or financial standing of students who are athletes. The IAC need not to be informed of all changes mandated by the NCAA for student athletes, which fall under the purview of the faculty athletics representative, although the IAC should be notified of any major changes.
        • 2. any decisions, large donations, or commercial offers that potentially change the financial landscape of athletics or might influence university finances outside the athletics department;
        • 3. any decisions that potentially affect the campus environment, including construction, removal, or remodeling of facilities, changes in the timing of facilities use, or changes in permitted uses of facilities;
        • 4. scheduling of athletic events, including scheduling changes made to accommodate other universities or the media except for Saturday football start times;
        • 5. addition or termination of sport teams, or changes in the status of sport teams;
        • 6. the appointment of head coaches for all intercollegiate athletics teams. In cases where an open search process is conducted for head coaching positions, an Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (IAC) faculty member shall be included on the search committee. When the search is abbreviated, the athletics director shall consult with the chair of the IAC.
      • 2. The athletics director, or designee, via the chair of the IAC to determine if changes in athletics department procedures, policies, or activities reach a threshold deserving of attention by the full committee.
      • 3. The faculty athletics representative about all ongoing investigations and major violations.
      The Intercollegiate Athletics Committee shall have one subcommittee, an executive committee, consisting of the committee chair, one faculty member, one student and the faculty athletics representative. The executive committee shall be charged with maintaining close and timely communications with the athletics department, through the athletics director or designee. The executive committee shall set the agenda and venue for IAC meetings. The executive committee shall be empowered to call extraordinary meetings of the IAC. The chair of the IAC shall be elected at the final regularly scheduled spring meeting and must be a returning member. The chair of the IAC shall be responsible for forming the executive committee. It is expected that the executive committee shall have regular contact with the athletics department during the summer.

      To better educate its committee members to the complexities of university athletics, the IAC shall hold a once yearly retreat prior to the academic year. The retreat shall provide a forum for new members to learn about the role of the IAC in supporting the Mission Statement of the University of Oregon, to learn about administration of campus athletics, and to be informed on issues potentially requiring IAC attention in the year ahead.


      Membership of the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee is fixed and consists of eighteen (18) voting members, eleven (11) teaching faculty, two (2) classified staff, and five (5) students. Eight (8) teaching faculty members -- four (4) from the College of Arts and Sciences and four (4) from other areas -- and two (2) classified staff shall be elected to the committee by the teaching faculty, and classified staff, respectively. Faculty and staff committee members may serve up to three consecutive two-year terms. After three terms, faculty and staff members must be off the committee for two years before being eligible for re-election or re-appointment. The University Senate shall appoint two (2) faculty members to the IAC for two-year terms. The faculty athletics representative shall be an ex-officio member of the committee with full membership privileges. The five students shall be appointed through the ASUO and the president's office. At least one student member shall be a varsity student athlete. Students shall serve one-year terms and may serve up to three consecutive terms. The athletics director and his designees on the IAC shall be ex-officio non-voting members. No member of the IAC may receive benefits from the Department of Athletics beyond what she or he would otherwise be entitled to if she or he were not a member of the IAC.


      The Intercollegiate Athletics Committee shall report to the University Senate. At a minimum this report shall be in the form of an annual written report submitted by the committee chair to the secretary of the University Senate no later than the final University Senate meeting in May. The committee shall also make additional written or oral reports to the senate as necessary. The IAC executive committee shall maintain communication with the senate through the IAC's senate appointees (who are eligible to serve on the executive committee). The executive committee shall meet with the senate president and the vice president for academic affairs at the beginning of the academic year.

    5. See also http://www.uoregon.edu/~assembly/FacultyGovernanceArchive/Athgov.html for other information relating Faculty Governance to Athletics. 
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