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Prof. Ian F. McNeely, Department of History, University of Oregon


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CAS 101H Reacting to the Past

HIST 301

Modern Europe (18th Century)

HIST 105

The Early Modern World

HIST 106

The Modern World

HIST 399

Freemasonry and Secret Societies

HIST 407

Men, Women, and Revolution

HIST 407

The University in History

HIST 410

Modern European Cultural History

HIST 415

Globalization in the 1800s

HIST 421

The Organization of Knowledge

HIST 426

Cultural History of the Enlightenment

HIST 427

Science in 19th Century Europe

HIST 435

Revolutionary-Napoleonic Europe

HIST 608

Graduate Colloquium in World History

HIST 411

Saving Nations (Reacting to the Past)

HIST 411 - Spring 2019

Reacting to the Past