Quantifying History

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Extent of Empires

These graphs show the extent of a kingdom or empire in Priestley's New Chart of History. The first graph displays the area of selected empires based on their "row height" on the chart, while the second graph displays the equivalent areas in geographic space.

Hover over each graph to reveal the years and row heights. Use the selection menu to change which empires are displayed.

Example Selections

  Romans, Vandals, English
  English, Spanish, French
  Macedonian Empire, Roman Empire, Macedonians

Select empires from the left to filter the table.

Deselect from the right to remove empires.

Rise and Fall

The line graphs below illustrate the rise and fall of a kingdom or empire in Priestley’s New Chart of History. Each row or "sparkline" shows the total chart space (measure in row height) attributed to an empire during each year of its existence. To make the sparklines clear, each is individually normalized to its maximum as represented on the chart. Select empires from the left menu at left to compare their stories.

Click the list at left to select empires to display.
Click the list at right to deselect.
Hover on the graph for numerical data.

Empire (all)
Empire (selected)
Rise and Fall (year)
1200 BC01800 AD

Example Selections

  Romans, Vandals, English
  French, English, Spanish
  Long list

Control of Places

Each horizontal chart row represents a geographic place in the world. These are constant over time. Their names are at right. Priestley indicates the history of kingdoms and empires with lines on the chart, showing when different regimes came to dominate those geographic places. Two additional graphs here present alternate ways of viewing the histories of particular geographic place. The top graph displays in chronological order the names of each dominant regime, using font size to show to the length of reign. The bottom graph displays the same data in total years.

Click on the chart to select up to 5 places to compare. Hover over the graphs to reveal numerical data.

Current selection:  
Map - Chart Places

Land not on Timeline

Land on Timeline

Selected Places

Example Selections

  (1) Louisiana, (2) Nova Scotia, (3) New York, (4) Canada
  (1) Campani, (2) Kingdom of Macedonia 2, (3) Granada, (4) Trojans
  (1) Irish 1, (2) Irish 2, (3) Normans 1, (4) Normans 2
  (1) Mogulestan, (2) Thibet, (3) Golkonda, (4) Indostan

Graph - How long was each regime in control of a place?     Hint: Hover over regime name for exact reign.

Graph - How long was each regime in control of a place?

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