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Building Positive Behavior Supports in Schools

What: Educators in today’s schools and classrooms must be supported to adopt and sustain effective, cost-efficient school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) practices. Effective approaches to school-wide PBIS include:
(a) systematic social skills instruction;
(b) academic and curricular restructuring;
(c) positive, behaviorally based interventions;
(d) early screening and identification of antisocial behavior patterns; and
(e) integrated progress monitoring.

 Who: All staff learn the process and outcomes of the BEST BEHAVIOR curriculum to support school wide, classroom, and individual student positive behavior. BEST BEHAVIOR (Sprague & Golly, 2004) provides a program aimed at improving school and classroom discipline in schools, and associated outcomes such as school violence, and alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. We will celebrate the successes of participating schools and also address challenges and barriers to implementation.

Help:   IVDB staff will provide on-going consultation to the Site Coach, the school’s principal and/or staff directly responsible for the implementation of BEST BEHAVIOR.

Training of Site Coaches Building Capacity in Schools

What:  Provides the opportunity to become a Site Coach via the BEST BEHAVIOR  staff development program for positive school discipline.

Who:  Individuals who complete the workshop may function as Site Coach and may provide BEST BEHAVIOR  Staff Implementation workshops at their own schools and/or in their own district.

How:  Site Coaches provide ongoing support and consultation regarding implementation and evaluation to their targeted schools.

Keeping it going:  Site Coaches attend at least one training update meeting per year following the initial training. Site Coaches will also be eligible to attend training for specific custom designed modules and other training developed in response to the needs of BEST BEHAVIOR  schools.

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