06/2019 Two recent awards in our group: Claire won a graduate student award for Excellence in the Teaching of Chemistry, and Patrick won the UO ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Award for being an outstanding senior undergraduate chemistry student. Congrats to both!
03/2019 Congrats to Jeff and Brittany on their paper in ACIE!
02/2019 Congratulations to Terri and Curtis on their recent paper in Chem. Sci.!
11/2018 Our collaborative paper with the Alemán group was accepted into Nano Letters!
10/2018 Congratulations to PhD #7 from the Jasti group, Dr. Brittany White!
10/2018 Jasti lab collaborative work featured in Around the O: Link
10/2018 Congratulations to Tobi on his paper in ACIE!
09/2018 Congratulations to Brittany on her paper in ACS Central Science!
06/2018 Welcome to Claire Otteson who has officially joined the research group.
04/2018 Congratulations to Ruth Maust for receiving the NSF GRFP fellowship!
08/2017 Check out the cool research being done by Elizabeth Hirst (the first Jasti Group PhD student): Link
06/2017 Welcome to Ruth Maust who has officially joined the research group.
06/2017 Congratulations to Cyrus Waters for winning a SAACS Summer Research Award!
06/2017 Congratulations to Shayan Louie for being selected as a 2017-2018 Presidential Undergraduate Research Scholar!
05/2017 Congrats to former summer undergraduate James Collins on his enrollment to the University of Michigan graduate program in chemistry.  Best of luck to James!
05/2017 Welcome to our new postdoctoral researcher, Tobias Schaub, from University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.
04/2017 Check out former graduate student Tom Sisto's back-to-back papers in JACS from the Nuckoll's group!
04/2017 Congratulations to Penghao on his paper in ACIE!
03/2017 Congratulations to Jeff Van Raden and undergraduate Shayan on their paper in JACS!
03/2017 Congratulations to Evan, Brittany, and Lance on their paper in JACS!
02/2017 Congratulations to group alumni Matt Golder and Evan Darzi on their recent NIH postdoctoral fellowships!
09/2016 Professor Jasti discusses the group's research in lieu of the upcoming Camille-Dreyfus Symposium. You can see some of the other award winners here.
07/2016 Check out former graduate student Matt Golder's first publication as a postdoctoral scholar from the Johnson group at MIT!
07/2016 Check out the cool CURO-Pi logo designed by Evan Darzi.
07/2016 Congrats to former graduate student Matt Golder on receiving the 2016 IUPAC-Solvay International Award for Young Chemists!
07/2016 Our collaborative paper with the Nazin group has been accepted to Physical Chemistry Letters!
07/2016 Congrats to former graduate student Paul Evans on his nicely written highlight of the graphene work out of the Rubin group.
06/2016 Welcome to our undergraduate reseracher James Collins sponsored by the NIH MARC Undergraduate Student Training in Academic Research (U-STAR)!
06/2016 Welcome to Erik Leonhardt and Curtis Colwell who have officially joined the research group.
05/2016 Congrats to Lance for being awarded "Most Outstanding Organic Chemistry Student" at the UO from the American Chemical Society! Lance will be starting graduate school at UC-Irvine in the Fall!
05/2016 Congrats to Taryn for winning the Vice President for Research and Innovation Undergraduate Fellowship to support her research over the summer!
04/2016 We are now LIVE on twitter! Follow us @nanohoops!
04/2016 Registration for CURO-pi II is now OPEN!
04/2016 Our collaborative paper with Professor Juan Casado has been accepted to Chemical Science!
03/2016 Two papers on cycloaddition reactivity of nanohoops are available!
Penghao's paper on the reactivity of strained anthracene units is now available in Organic Letters.
Dr. Jackson's paper on the Diels-Alder reactivity of a nanohoop containing perylene will be available soon in Tetrahedron!
02/2016 Tom and Brittany's paper is now available in Chemical Science!
02/2016 Dr. Evan Jackson has accepted a job at Thermo Fisher Scientific.
02/2016 Jeff's paper was accepted for publication in Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry and was featured as a 2016 Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry Hot Article!
01/2016 Jasti Group welcomes Kathryn Chamberlain for an exciting Winter rotation.
11/2015 A collaborative paper between the Jasti and Rathore groups gives further insight into the complex oxidation of carbon nanohoops and was acceptd to JACS!
10/2015 Our recent ACS Central Science paper detailing Donor-Acceptor nanohoops is highlighted in the Around the O! Check it out!
09/2015 Jasti Group welcomes three talented rotation students: Curtis Colwell, Matt Cerda, and Eric Leonhardt.
08/2015 Matt defends his thesis and will begin as a postdoc with Prof. Jeremiah Johnson at MIT this fall. Congratulations, Dr. Golder!
08/2015 Evan and Liz's paper on the synthesis and characterization of nitrogen-doped donor-acceptor nanohoops has been accepted for publication in ACS Central Science!
07/2015 The whole group is back in Eugene after a month of conferences. Check out pictures from our travels!
07/2015 Evan, Penghao, Brittany, and Ramesh attended the Physical Organic Gordon Conference in New Hampshire. Congratulations to Penghao for being selected to present at talk at the associated Physical Organic Gordon Seminar and to Evan for receiving a poster award.
07/2015 Matt and Evan attended the National Organic Symposium in Maryland.
07/2015 Paul, Evan, and Ramesh attended ISNA-16 in Madrid, Spain. Congratulations to Evan for receiving another poster award!
06/2015 Incoming first year student Curtis Colwell arrives for summer research in the group.
06/2015 First year students Jeff Van Raden and Lisa Eytel officially join the group.
05/2015 Paul defends his thesis and will begin as a postdoc with Prof. Nazario Martin in Madrid later this summer. Congratulations, Dr. Evans!
05/2015 Dr. Evan Jackson (Montgomery Lab, University of Michigan) begins as a postdoc in the group.
05/2015 Brittany passes her 6th term oral examination and advances to candidacy!
05/2015 Tom defends his thesis and departs for Columbia to begin a postdoc with Prof. Colin Nuckolls. Congratulations, Dr. Sisto!
04/2015 Evan's tutorial review on size-dependent properties of [n]CPPs is published in Chemical Society Reviews
04/2015 Congratulations to former REU student George Pantelopulos (2013) for being awarded an NSF Graduate Fellowship.
04/2015 Welcome to spring rotation student Lisa Eytel and undergraduate student Taryn Kawashima.
03/2015 Lance Loventhal joins the group as an undergraduate student.
02/2015 Matt's review article on the synthesis and characterization of smaller [n]CPPs is published in Accounts of Chemical Research.
02/2015 The group attends its first Sunriver Organometallics Symposium ("Skiposium") with the Haley, Tyler, Pluth, and DeRose groups.
01/2015 Welcome to winter rotation students Patrick Gamache and Jeff Van Raden.
10/2014 Our collaborative paper on the size-dependence of [n]CPP optical properties is published in Nano Letters.
09/2014 Ramesh, Evan, Tom and Matt travel to Morocco for Fusion Carbon 2014. Congratulations to Evan for being selected to give a Flash Presentation! Check out pictures from our trip.
09/2014 Evan is awarded a travel award from the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry to attend the 2015 National Organic Symposium. Congratulations, Evan!
08/2014 Our collaborative paper with the Irle Group at Nagoya University is published in the Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation.
07/2014 The unpacking begins in Eugene!
06/2014 The group will be moving to the University of Oregon this summer. We look forward to new opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.
05/2014 Liz defends her thesis as the first PhD from the Jasti Group! Congratulations, Dr. Hirst!
05/2014 Matt is selected to participate in the 2014 Graduate Research Symposium, sponsored by the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry, in Irvine, CA.
04/2014 Ramesh is selected to recieve a 2014 Camille-Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar award. Thank you to the Camille-Dreyfus Foundation for their support.
04/2014 Congratulations to Tom for winning best oral presentation at the Northeast Student Chemistry Research Conference!
04/2014 Congratulations to Dharati for being awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship!
03/2014 Congratulations to Morgan and Jessie for earning UROP awards for the summer.
03/2014 Congratulations to Tom for winning the best poster award at the JCF student chemistry research conference (Frühjahrssymposium) in Germany!
02/2014 Paul and Evan's manuscript on the synthesis of [5]cycloparaphenylene has been accepted for publication in Nature Chemistry!