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Linear Collider Detector Concept Studies

Detector Concept Report
(companion to ILC Reference Design Report)

The Worldwide Study was recognised by ICFA after an inaugural meeting of its organising committee in 1998 at ICHEP in Vancouver.

It coordinates in a number of ways the work of the three regional studies: the European (ECFA) Study, the North American (ALCPG) Study and the Asian (ACFA) Study. Results from these studies are combined in the Linear Collider Workshops (LCWS). Since 1998 these have been in Sitges, Spain (1999), at Fermilab, USA (2000), in Jeju, Korea (2002), in Paris (2004), and at Stanford (2005).

The organising committee of the worldwide study provides the programme committee of the LCWS series. It has also been adopted as the Physics and Detectors sub-committee of the International Linear Collider Steering Committee.
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